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In today’s blog, I again taking the opportunity to talk directly to practitioners. To those of you who are using your gifts your abilities to support others.

In my blog on Dec 2nd, I talked about your Why – your reason for doing whatever it is that you’re doing. That’s fundamental to your business regardless of whether you’re a practitioner, a hair stylist, or a convenience store owner. Then I went on to talking about your perfect customer. You need to target your marketing, and if you don’t know who your perfect client is, you’ll end up trying to market to everyone, and that’s a recipe for failure.

And two weeka ago, I talked about standing out – standing out in your marketing so that new clients can find you.

Standing out in a crowdToday, I’ll look at ways of standing out in your client sessions. I have mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. Your clients are quite happy to pay you based on their perceived value – their opinion of the value they received from working with you. By raising the value of your services, you are able to generate greater income, while providing a superior session.

Standing out means going well beyond the expected. You are expected to provide a comfortable space for clients to wait for their session. You are expected to have a professional healing room, one that is immaculately clean, and welcoming. You are expected to be competent and professional during a session, respectful of your client’s privacy and dignity if you require partial or full disrobing of your clients. And while failing to achieve any of these will leave your client dis-satisfied with their session, potentially to the extent of them not returning for future sessions, doing all of them won’t earn you any points.

Let’s look at how you can stand out.

Show your passion. Recognize that what you do is special. Be proud of that. Openly proud. Some practitioners seem to just go from client to client. You can stand out by never being complacent about your clients, or your gifts.

Know your clients. And we mean this 2 ways. Know whom you serve (we talked about this in my last blog) but also know your client. Greet them warmly when they come in. Like you’re welcoming an old friend. Make them feel welcome. And valued. Have a cup of tea, or bottled water available in the waiting area. While they are in your care, keep your focus on your client.

Be the absolute best at what you do. And leave your clients feeling awesome. One of the best ways to do that is to combine modalities that blend with your gifts. Like Sound Wellness that integrates seamlessly with most modalities. When you provide a superior healing session, you will stand out!

Consider putting your diplomas and certificates in the waiting area. You worked hard for them, and if you’re proud of them, then put them where that your clients can actually check them out. Keeping them in your healing room means they will seldom be read as your client is there for their session.

Know that you ARE an expert! This is really important, so I’m going to tell you again – You ARE an expert! If you don’t believe that, then you are sabotaging your success. You don’t go to a student at the university to invest for a happy retirement – you go to a seasoned professional with a proven track record. If that isn’t you, then I highly encourage you to seek out the training, and the certifications so that it is.

If you agree, then I encourage you to join me for my 3-day program – “The Business of Business” February 9-11. There is still time (but not much) to register. The program was created to help you become more successful. To highlight aspects of your business that often don’t get the attention that they need. There is just two seats available, so if this appeals to you, then click below to register and/or to schedule a call with us for more information.

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