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Looking for a Practitioner?

We have had the honour of training Sound Wellness practitioners from around the world. Most of these amazing practitioners are also gifted in other modalities as well. When combined, sessions are even more powerful, more impactful than working with a single modality.

The practitioners listed here are all part of our certification program. Currently our highest level of certification is Level II.

If you are unable to locate a practitioner near you, many offer distance sessions by live-stream video. And if you would like some help finding a practitioner, please contact us.

Sharon Carne

Calgary, AB

Master Sound Wellness Practitioner and Trainer

Sharon has over 25 years of experience providing Sound Healing, Reiki and other modalities.

Since 2006, Sharon has created and facilitated leading edge programs on the use of sound and music to relieve stress, to improve health, and bring calm and peace. These programs bring a lasting solution to the problems caused by stress.

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