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Nourish the Heart

Nourishing Your Heart

How to Use This Recording for Maximum Benefit

This recording has four main sections, each with a different intention.

wringer washing machine1. Section 1 – The Washing Machine

This section is the wash, rinse and spin cycle of our energetic washing machine. Focus on releasing anything that is ready to go. You will hear each sound of the solfeggio frequencies repeated three times in the following order. If you like to work with the chakra system, you can use the suggestions for each frequency to create specific intentions for each chakra. These sounds are supported by the mountain stream and the 111Hz fork.

2. Section 2 – Grounding Light

In this section, the nine forks will be playing from the highest sound to the lowest sound. The intention for this section is to fill all the newly empty spaces with light.

3. Section 3 – Nourishing the Heart

You will hear the crystal bowl and the stream in this section. The intention of this section is to nourish the heart. Focus on breathing in and out of your heart with slow, gentle breaths.

4. Section 4 – Gentle Integration

In this section, you will hear the creek and gentle chimes. Continue to focus on slow, gentle breaths.

When the recording has ended, give yourself several minutes of silence where you can journal or meditation. Make sure you drink lots of water. It helps the body to process the sound.