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Carmen Hansen

Carmen HansenCarmen Hansen is a listener of divine wisdom. Her gift is her ability to channel messages from divine source, elders, and animals. She channels divine light to shift ‘stuckness’ and deliver her message of peaceful intention, creating a healing state within my tribe.

As a child, she felt connected with nature, the earth and especially animals. Early childhood found her wandering outside, talking to the cat, conversing with trees, playing in the dirt and hiding out with the dog in his house.

From as early as the first grade, she had her heart set on becoming a veterinarian, a healer for those that have less of a voice. This remained her passion until she was in Grade 10, and given an opportinity to volunteer at a veterinarian clinic. The experience was jarring, and she knew then, that she could not serve animals in this way. She set aside her goal and entered the mainstream workforce.

Thankfully, for many years, her intuitive light worker sister held space for her to step Into what she ‘saw’ as Carmen’s true calling, a channel for healing.

When Carmen ‘awoke’,  she worked with Reiki, and found a course called ‘Healing Touch for Animals’ . She recognized that her dream to assist animals to thrive and live healthier lives could be realized in a radically different way. Not healing matter on matter, instead using intention and light energy on matter.

When she began to listen to her inner wisdom and was willing to hear outside messages from divine source and guides, she began walking an elder’s journey.

One of most significant modalities Carmen now uses is ‘Sound Wellness’. Using the vibration and sounds of her voice, tuning forks, drums and Tibetan Bowls, her intention of creating shifts in the body/mind and movement of energy to a healing state is amplified and deepened.

During her sessions,she has had the privilege of interpreting animals messages, seen joint and body pains relieved, witnessed deep restful states of peace, behaviours modified and ‘stuck emotions’ released.  It has been a remarkable journey of wisdom and listening.

To this day, Carmen continues to be in awe at what all our abilities could be, should we choose to invite them. She encourages others to explore their own gifts and empower themselves, and remains grateful to be included in the journey towards higher vibration and health in the body, mind and spirit.