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Back in November of 2009, Calgary was inundated with frequencies of illness and fear. There was a major flu epidemic in the making, and an almost total lack of vaccine.

And fear destroys your immune system. That’s the last thing you need during a flu epidemic.

As a response to all this fear in the air, I created a track called “Reset.”

My intention in creating this sound is to allow people to ‘reset’ their body, mind, emotions and spirit to a higher vibration.

When this reset happens, your immune system is strong, stress is reduced or eliminated, you are relaxed and focused and things just keep going ‘right’.

“Reset” contains some of the most powerful healing sounds I know. Here is a list of the sounds in “Reset” and why they are there:

Running brook in the woodsWater

You’ll hear the sound of softly bubbling water to calm you, reconnect you with nature and wash away what is no longer desired.



Perfect 5th tuning forksThe perfect 5th tuning forks C (256 Hz) and G (384 Hz):

The perfect fifth tuning forks used in this recording stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide in your cells. This is a natural cycle that is essential to your overall health and wellbeing.

But when you are stressed, when you are tired, or when you are overwhelmed with daily challenges, the production slows down or stops altogether. Scientific studies have shown that the sound of these forks stimulates the nitric oxide cycle in your cells in less than 30 seconds.

These two forks are available on our website as a set. Click here to check them out in our store.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra

You’ll hear me chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra along with the sound of the Perfect 5th Tuning Forks.

You’ll hear me chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra along with the sound of the Perfect 5th Tuning Forks.

I was deeply honoured to be present at a Medicine Buddha Empowerment offered by a respected Tibetan Lama during which he transmitted the Medicine Buddha Mantra to those present.

Jonathan Goldman describes this mantra in the liner notes to his CD, “Medicine Buddha.” He says, “The Medicine Buddha is known as the Healing Master of Lapis Lazuli Radiance. He is one of the most honored figures in the Buddhist tradition.

This mantra may be literally translated as ‘Oh Healer, the Great Healer, King of the Healers, who has perfectly gone beyond, please bless me!’

Repetition of this mantra is said to assist in the transmutation of imbalances, which keep us from healing others and ourselves, thus allowing us to be more effective vehicles for both personal and planetary healing.”

528Hz tuning forkThe 528 Hz Tuning Fork

The frequency, 528 Hz, is used by genetic engineers to repair DNA. This frequency is also a multiple of the frequency for the colour green, which represents the heart chakra in the middle of our chakra system.

In this way the sound also supports your heart and your heart chakra. The heart chakra, is the ‘grand central station’ of your entire energetic system. It supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.


Diamond - Rose Quartz crystal singing bowlMy Diamond / Rose Quartz singing crystal bowl.

You will hear the 528 Hz tuning fork accompanied by the sound of a singing crystal bowl. This bowl is made of clear quartz crystal with diamond and rose quartz bonded to the outside of the bowl.

The energy of diamond is brilliance, soul, truth, clarity and integrity. The rose quartz softens the brilliance of the diamond with heart energy.

The sound of this bowl connects you at a very high spiritual level through the field – giving a strong connection to your soul.

The link to Reset is below. If these sounds appeal to you, try listening a few times. See if it makes a difference in how you feel.


Reset! is copyright © 2009 by Mountain Rose Music. You are free to download this music for your own use. This music may not be copied, or distributed to others, in any form, although you are welcome to share the link to this page with your friends.



by Sharon Carne


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