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Harmony Chakra Set

Set of 8 Harmony tuning forksSet of 8 Tuning Forks

The 8 fork Harmony set is based on Pythagorean Tuning, rather than the traditional Tempered Tuning.

The forks are traditionally used in pairs, with the 256 Hz ‘C’ in one hand, and a second fork in the other, creating the desired interval, as shown in the Ratio column below. The lower the ratio, the more pleasant the sound.


NOTE Frequency Ratio
C 512 2:1
B 480 15:8
A 426.65 5:3
G 384 3:2
F 341.3 4:3
E 320 5:4
D 288 9:8
C 256


New to using Tuning Forks?

If you are new to using tuning forks, we have created a video about how to activate, or start your forks. Click here to watch.


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