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Song Pods & Grandmother Pods

Skin made of Metals,
Bones made of Mystery,
Heart made of Crystals,
Spirit filled with Secrets;
It’s language is pure Music, and it sings of Love.

What are they?

songpodsSONGPODS are hand-held, self-playing musical instruments – each with its own unique song! SongPods are tear-drop shaped to fit the human palm. When gently shaken – Songpods produce a serene echoing ring and lingering vibration that soothes the spirit. Turning them over, near your ears, SongPods sing like a tinkling wind chime in a private breeze. CLACKING them together, or on any hard surface, and another ‘voice’ is heard as they sing aloud in echoing antiquity! Unbreakable – their music transcends all time and endures all adventures!

Grandmother pods are a super-sized version of the song pod. They’re 12 cm in diameter, and over 6 cm high! They have a much stronger sound – those who have played them are amazed at these pods. They are brand new – only a few have ever been made.

What’s Inside?

SONGPODS keep their secrets well! There could be anything in there – Crystals, Shards of ancient pottery, Beads from her Great-Great-Grandmother’s long-ago sash, Earth from a mound, Sand from a sea, Dust of volcanic ash, a pinch of this, and a sprinkle of that! Mysteries and more – Secrets for sure! Each is uniquely individual.
Plus three hours of intricate welding inside each and every one.

How to Play A SongPod…or Two!!

  • ENJOY! The Shape and Texture – the gentle purring crystal chimes forever sealed within. Roll it between your hands.
  • SHAKE! And place the ‘Pod by one ear, then the other. Feel as well as hear the musical vibrations.
  • CLACK! On a hard surface such as a book or protected table, THEN raise it to one ear, then the other.
  • SHAKE TWO PODS!! And cup them in both hands. Feel the purring crystals run through the network of your own polarity.
  • SHAKE BOTH PODS AGAIN!! And place them by BOTH ears at the same time – for a stereo “BLISSING!”
  • CLACK TWO PODS TOGETHER!! And place them next to each ear so BOTH HEMISPHERES of your brain can “BLISS” together!
  • HOW TO GIFT ANOTHER WITH AN ‘EARGASM’ – CLACK TWO PODS then touch each Pod to a lucky Friend’s two pinky fingertips … letting their body absorb the vibrations … and CLACK again, then place each ‘POD on the pads of the ring fingers … repeat for all fingers and thumbs, enjoying the exchange of mutual “blissing”….Then CLACK again and place each ‘POD into their waiting palms … and watch them s-m-i-l-e … you may have just lost your pair of Song-Pods! – (I’ll make more) – and gained a Friend for Life!
  • MASSAGE THERAPISTS also SHAKE and CLACK ‘PODS and place them along the spine, soles of feet, backs of knees, etc.
  • PEOPLE in TENSION-CAUSING JOBS often take a ‘Pod-break’ and simply ‘shake them silly’ until their stress dissipates with the gently waning echoes.

Caring for a SongPod.

Caring for a SONGPOD is as easy as playing them. They are practically indestructible, so no special care in handling is required. To keep your SongPod looking as beautiful as it sounds, a light coat of Conservator’s Wax® (available from Lee Valley Tools) is recommended. When waxing it for the first time, apply a light coat with a soft cloth and polish to a soft sheen when it dries. Repeat this twice more, and your SongPod will have a durable coating that will keep it protected. Repeat with a light coat of wax occasionally as desired. Each SongPod comes with it’s own pouch to store it in, if you are ever able to put it down.

Who’s Using SongPods?

SONGPODS are used by Massage Therapists and Reiki practitioners at the beginning and end of sessions. They are wonderful on the soles of the feet, the spine and hands too.

SONGPODS are being used in an Intensive Care Unit for Infants. The Hospital Pastor says, “It’s amazing to watch a normally withdrawn baby open his eyes and look around. The SongPod is reaching baby at a profound level”.

SONGPODS are being used at a Chicago Hospital for Kids with Cancer. “The SongPods give me entry to working with these kids,” says a Music Therapist after working with some withdrawn children.

SONGPODS are being used by Autistic Children, Alzheimer Patients, Psychiatric Patients. Even comatose patients have been known to respond to them according to an Ann Arbor Music Therapist!

SONGPODS are used in Blessing Circles. A pair was in use at one of Mother Theresa’s Clinics.

SONGPODS are used in our own Sound Wellness Workshops and are recorded on our CDs.


No healing claims are made by the Inventor, nor by the independent holder of SongPods’ Trademark, nor its sole distributor, TALON, Inc., nor by Mountain Rose Music.
Although the Inventor is a Native American Indian, SongPods are not presented as an ‘American Indian Made Craft’ nor ‘traditional Indian Art form.’ They are the unique manifestation of one contemporary woman’s sustaining Vision. Metallurgy Apprentices from diverse cultural paths converge at her forest studio to craft their welded mysteries.


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