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Standard or Weighted?

When buying forks, we’re often asked whether it’s best to buy standard or weighted forks. To some degree, it’s a personal decision, but there are characteristics of each that make them desirable.

Standard Forks

Perfect Fifth Tuning ForkStandard or unweighted forks are generally used around the body, or by the ears. When used on the body, their effect is much more subtle than weighted forks, making them less effective for treatments such as relaxing a tight muscle. They are often used for balance (mental and/or emotional), to improve health (especially the perfect fifth forks), working on your energy field, and bringing inner peace and harmony.

Unweighted forks are lighter and longer than their weighted counterparts.

To tone them, always strike them on a rubber activator. Like all forks, striking them on a hard surface, or against each other can damage them.

Weighted Forks

128Hz Otto forkWeighted forks will always cost more than standard forks. They are more complicated to manufacture, and to tune, and they are made with more parts. Often they will cost between 50% more to double the price of a standard fork.

A Weighted fork will “ring” longer than a standard fork but the sound will be softer.

Weighted forks are generally used directly on the body, often for pain relief, or to relax tight muscles. After you start a fork ringing, place the end of the stem directly on the body where you want to feel it’s effect.Weighted forks allow you to feel the vibrations of the fork stronger and at a deeper level than unweighted forks.

To tone them, simply strike them on the palm of your hand – just not too hard. The weights make them very easy to over-strike