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Woodland Song

Woodland SongFind your Focus!

Many people struggle at work. There are always distractions while working, and often the mind simply wanders off. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming and impossible to concentrate.

This CD is ideal if you are searching for a way to do your best work with minimal stress.

Bird song and water are some of the healthiest sounds you can listen to.

The brain looks everywhere to find patterns. But birdsong is completely unpredictable. There are no patterns. This puts the brain on alert and is a great sound to have in the background when you need to stay focused.

The low frequency sounds of the water discharges the nervous system and creates the relaxation response in the body.

Uplifting birdsong coupled with soft water sounds offers you a highly focused mind and a relaxed body – with no effort. Just play it in softly in the background whenever you need it.

Or simply enjoy an afternoon in the woods, relaxing to the sounds of a bubbling brook and birds.

If you play this recording on your computer, it is best to use either external speakers or headphones/earbuds. Most computer speakers are incapable of reproducing the sounds accurately.

Here is your FREE download of Woodland Song.

Woodland Song

by Sharon Carne | Woodland Song



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