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In today’s blog, I want to talk directly to practitioners. To those of you who are using your gifts, your abilities that support and heal to help others. And I have just one question for you. How much are you doing to support yourself?

The answer is probably ‘not enough’.

Reiki PractitionerPractitioners are givers. That’s what makes you a great healer. The majority of practitioners are also women. Women are givers, and nurturers. It’s part of your DNA. It’s how the human species has been able to survive.

Because you are givers, because you are nurturers, it is often the case that you find it difficult to receive.

Couple that with the fact that most modalities are focused on the modality, not on the business aspects of your practice.

That puts you in a position where your focus is on your gifts, and not on your business, placing your practice in jeopardy. For without a sustainable income, you won’t be able to continue offering your gifts.

I know that this doesn’t universally apply. Some of you are very good at managing and growing your business. Unfortunately, for most, it s the reality.

QuestionsI know I said I have just one question for you, but I actually have a few. The most important question you can ever ask yourself is ‘Why’. Why are you doing this? Why are you a practitioner? If you don’t have an answer, I suggest that you need to look deep inside yourself so that you know what is driving you. It has to be powerful. It has to carry you through difficult times with the strength to see it through. Your Why may come from childhood, from something that made you feel supported, or it be driven from the lack of something that you desired. It could be as simple as discovering the possibilities. It doesn’t matter. It just has to carry your passion.

The second most important question that I have for you is who do you serve?’. Can you describe your ideal client? How old are they? What challenge do they have for which you have the ideal solution? Many of us have tried to market to everyone on the planet for fear of excluding a single potential customer. Myself included. I can guarantee you that it doesn’t work. You cannot focus your message when you are speaking to a broad audience – you need to talk directly to the types of people that you are meant to support.

This of course, is jus the beginning. In future articles, I’ll talk about standing out so that your clients can find you. I’ll talk about developing a web presence, because that’s how 90% of your potential clients find products and services. And I’ll talk about the mundane – the business and marketing plan, and your goals.

There are a great many programs available that will promise that you’ll earn what you’re worth. Personally, I won’t have anything to do with any of them. Your worth is purely a personal opinion. It is largely ego driven, and may be set way too low, or too high.

Your clients are quite happy to pay you based on their perceived value – their opinion of the value they received from working with you.

I much prefer to start at the beginning, and then to look at how I can raise the value of services to generate greater income.

If you agree, then I encourage you to join me for my (free) webinar “The Business of Business”. The program was created to help you become more successful. To highlight aspects of your business that often don’t get the attention that they need. I hope to see you there.

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