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The Otto Tuning Forks

In 1998, 3 research scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the natural nitric oxide cycle in our cells.

The nitric oxide cycle in the body is one of the essential natural cycles at the cellular level to maintain and sustain health and wellness. Normal nitric oxide production is inhibited by stress and illness among other things. Since then, pharmaceutical companies have spent millions on creating a medication that stimulates the nitric oxide cycle, especially to help those with heart problems.

What does Nitric Oxide do for you?

  • It increases your energy and stamina.
  • It helps to relieve your stress.
  • It strengthens your immune system.
  • Your circulation is improved as is your digestion.
  • And it improves clarity of mind.

Research conducted by Dr. John Beaulieu, music therapist and naturopathic doctor and Dr. George Stefano, neurologist, showed tuning forks stimulated the production of nitric oxide in the body’s cells in less than 30 seconds.

The tuning forks they studied were the Perfect 5th tuning forks and the 128 Hz Otto fork. I have already written about the perfect 5th tuning forks. Click Here to read the article.

Otto tuning Forks

Otto is short for osteophonic, which means to vibrate the bones. These tuning forks have weights on the ends. When you tap these forks, they vibrate more than those that don’t have weights. The vibration is transferred to tissue and bone by placing the stem of the fork on the body.

128Hz Otto tuning forks128 Hz fork

Like the C fork from the p5th tuning forks, the 128 Hz fork is tuned the frequency of the earth. It is an octave lower (or 8 notes) than the C fork in the p5th set.

This fork was studied by Dr. John Beaulieu, music therapist and naturopathic doctor and Dr. George Stefano, neurologist. They found that when the stem of this fork was placed on the body it created what Beaulieu called a Perfect Fifth wave of sound through the body. It stimulated the cells to produce nitric oxide less than 30 seconds.

The 128 Hz fork is used to help joint mobility. You can press it to any joint. It is great for loosening tight muscles and it balances the autonomic nervous system.

It is wonderful as a heart balance by placing the stem of the fork on the heart chakra and also as a third eye chakra balance.
(Note: Do not use on anyone who has a pacemaker)

Research suggests to use 128 Hz fork only twice on any one point. More applications can over-stimulate an area and reduce the nitric oxide effect.


64 Hz. Otto tuning forks64 Hz Fork

This fork is longer and sounds an octave or 8 notes lower than the 128 Hz fork. It is also a C, and is in harmony with the frequency of the earth.

The 64 Hz fork is best used for being placed on the sacrum in the lower spine to balance the autonomic nervous system.

Note that the 64 Hz fork is best listened to with headphones. Most computer speakers cannot reproduce a sound this low.


32 Hz. Otto tuning forks32Hz Fork

This fork is the longest of the 3 Otto tuning forks and vibrates so low that it sounds more like a buzz than a note – if you can hear it (it’s too low for the computer to reproduce). The 32 Hz fork is recommended for use in stimulating the lymph system by moving it close to the skin. It feels almost like a slight breeze along the skin.

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