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RESET to Calm and Wellbeing

One of the most powerful sound tools I have worked with is the singing Tibetan bowl, especially the old bowls.

A collection of Tibetan bowlsFor holistic practitioners, Tibetan singing bowls are spectacular tools to use to support your clients in relaxing, healing, dissolving emotional blocks, massaging body tissues with sound and so much more.

What is it about Tibetan singing bowls that makes their sound so irresistible? What is it about these bowls that people value?

We started asking dozens of people. Here are some of the answers:

  • Peace
  • Calms me down
  • Focuses my mind when my concentration needs a boost at work
  • Quiets my mind
  • Helps me to meditate easily
  • I love the feel of the vibration as I play the bowl
  • It gives me a great back massage
  • I use bowls in my healing sessions
  • Connect with my higher self
  • Use it to move emotional blocks in my body
  • Use it to clear my hotel room when I travel
  • Use it to clear space in my home
  • Relieves stress at work
  • Use it when I pray
  • Love the sound


Tibetan Singing bowls are brilliant tools to support your health and wellbeing in so many ways.

They are a wonderful way to quiet the 90 mile-an-hour mind. The one that just won’t stop chattering. Holding the bowl while playing it gives you a fully absorbing experience.

Tibetan singing bowls quiet the mind, calm the emotions and physical body and are a great meditation tool for those who have difficulty meditating. When you calm the mind, you open the door to imagination and creativity.

A Tibetan singing bowl is a spectacular stress buster! It’s simply not possible to remain tense, and hold on to your stress and mental chatter, while you are holding and playing a bowl.

Here is one of the biggest benefits from working with singing Tibetan bowls. Think about what you do with your computer when it just isn’t working right.

Restart buttonYou restart it!

Tibetan bowls work just like the restart button on your computer.

Remember, sound goes through you faster than it goes through the air. As the sound of the bowl travels through your body, it sets every atom and molecule into a state of vibration. Once the sound of the bowl stops, your entire being RESETS to its normal, healthy patterns.

Here are a few more ways that Tibetan singing bowls affect you:

Singing bowls affect you physically . . .

  • They create the relaxation response, specifically slowing down the heartbeat and breathing.
  • The slow repetitive movement of moving the stick around the bowl also contributes to creating the relaxation response.
  • Many people feel a response to the sound of a bowl located somewhere in their body, for example, their stomach, knees, chest, etc.

Singing bowls affect your mental state . . .

  • The sound distracts the chattering mind. It is hard to be distracted with wandering thoughts when the sound is so captivating. In the case of crystal bowls, the sound is also very intense.
  • The physical movement also contributes to calming the mind because of its repetitive nature. Playing a bowl is an easy way to meditate, because it distracts the chattering mind.
  • The sound and movement also focuses the mind.
  • The beats or wavering sounds in the bowl (especially the Tibetan singing bowls) entrain the brainwaves into deeper states of consciousness.

Singing bowls affect your emotional state . . .

  • The sound is calming, especially when you have found a bowl that resonates with you.
  • The sound transmutes or dissolves negativity. People usually forget all their complaints when absorbed in playing a singing bowl.
  • They are playful.

Singing bowls affect your spiritual connection . . .

  • The sound creates altered states of consciousness.
  • The sound and the state of consciousness provide access to deep inspiration and spiritual guidance.

If you would like to experience the sound of some of my bowls, you can listen by clicking below.

Click here to listen to my Tibetan bowls

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