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Listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowls

Large Tibetan bowl
Large Tibetan bowl

Large Tibetan Bowl

We purchased this bowl from our distributer in the summer of 2010. It was tucked away in her private stock, and was brought out just to show us. But when we played it, the sound was so amazing that we all knew it had to come home with us. The age is unknown, other than it is at least several generations old.


Old Master bowl
Old Master bowl

Tibetan Bowl

This bowl is around 300 years old and vibrates many frequencies simultaneously.




Our Chakra Set

We have been very fortunate to have come across a tuned Chakra set. This set of 7 bowls was selected by our bowl master. Not only is every bowl truly magnificent, each was selected for it’s ability to harmonize with th eother bowls in the set. This is a very laboursome task, and because it is so difficult, finding a set of these old bowls is very rare.

Bowl 1

Weight: 1.56 kg.

Note: F

Chakra: Root

Frequencies: 180 Hz – F; 520 Hz – C

Bowl 2

Weight: 2.67 kg.

Note: C

Chakra: Sacral

Frequencies: 140 Hz – C; 410 Hz – G

Bowl 3

Weight: 2.0 kg.

Note: G

Chakra: Solar Plexis

Frequencies: 100 Hz – G; 300 Hz – D

Bowl 4

Weight: 2.0 kg.

Note: D

Chakra: Heart

Frequencies: 150 Hz – D; 440 / 880 Hz – A

Bowl 5

Weight: 2.36 kg.

Note: A

Chakra: Throat

Frequencies: multiple

Bowl 6

Weight: 3.05 kg.

Note: E

Chakra: Third Eye

Frequencies: multiple

Bowl 7

Weight: 2.6 kg.

Note: B

Chakra: Crown

Frequencies: multiple



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