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The use of sound for healing is as old as the human family itself. We evolved with sound as a healer. It’s in the genetic memory of every human being on the planet. In these chaotic times, where we are inundated with sound and noise, we’ve lost touch with that memory.

Sound (and music) also awakens your soul and your soul’s purpose. And, right now, our human family and our beautiful planet needs the collective soul song from every heart to sing a new way of being.

Connected to heart and soul. Reminders of who we really are at our essence.

This collective soul song is as ancient as you are. Your entire being sings with this song. It is a part of you.

For several thousand years, humanity has been singing songs that are divisive. Separating hearts and voices that are designed to sing together.

choir of angelsBut now, with so many hearts and souls evolving into a new way of being, we are creating a new chorus to this ancient song.

A chorus that is steeped in our inherent power as co-creators with the universe.

We are waking up to the enormous power of thought and emotion. Angry, fearful thoughts do create an angry, fearful experience of the world. Compassionate, kind thoughts do create a compassionate, kind experience of the world.

We are waking up to the individual and collective power of the 3rd eye.

Here lives your inner sage.

What happens to you in your daily life is just that. Something happens like someone cutting you off in traffic on your way to work. That is a simple occurrence that has no meaning.

driver upset at somethingWe CREATE meaning about the occurrence with our RESPONSE to it.

Like “This is going to be a bad day.” or “Who does that guy think he is, cutting me off like that!” or “This person must be late for work.” Or whatever significance we attribute to the event.

What we FORGET is that our response to anything that happens in our daily life is a CHOICE.

When you really let that fact sink into your being, you then begin to ask, “How do I CHOOSE to respond to this?”
Meet your inner SAGE!

When you begin to do this, you begin to sing a new song of empowerment.

To sing this song of empowerment continuously, takes a huge commitment to becoming RESPONSIBLE for your thoughts.

And how you choose them, either consciously or unconsciously. You are the only one who can do this for yourself.

The FACT is, you are choosing your thoughts all day long. Most of us choose our thoughts unconsciously.

When you being to choose your thoughts consciously and take responsibility for that, your whole world changes.

The cool thing about this new song of empowerment is that you begin to notice others who are singing the same song.

Then begins the quiet collective song of connectedness. Meet HUMANITY’S inner SAGE!

Singing together, chanting together connects us like nothing else can. It reminds us that as a collective, we have enormous power to guide change.

You may remember Masaro Emoto, who raised our consciousness about how words, sounds or feelings change the structure of water crystals. He documented this in several books.

As Masaro Emoto travelled the world lecturing, he also gathered groups of people together to chant or pray for a polluted lake. The water pollution was measured before the event and again after the event.

In 1999 he did this experiment at Lake Biwa in Japan. The lake was choked with algae, had a foul odor and much of the plant life and animal life in it was dying.

A month after the group had chanted and prayed around the lake, the foul odor was gone, algae taken from the lake was down to 110 tons from 1500 tons the previous year and life was beginning to return.

As you can see, our collective heart song and soul song is immensely powerful, especially when it is used consciously.



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