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Have you ever . . .

Have you been following your spiritual journey for many years and recently been feeling like you just can’t move forward?

Have you been suffering from headaches, vision problems, tension in the neck and shoulders and fatigue? And what has worked in the past to relieve these symptoms just isn’t working anymore?

Have you lost touch with or felt disconnected with your spiritual self lately?

Have you had difficulty lately in hearing your inner guidance?

Are you feeling like you have lost your sense of direction for your life?

These are all symptomatic of the The Zeal Point chakra opening!

The The Zeal Point chakra, located at the back of the head and at the base of the skull is beginning to open in many people. And it is creating a myriad of challenges.

Physically, this chakra governs the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and several other automatic functions. And it is the gatekeeper to your state of consciousness.

The Zeal Point chakra is also known as the Mouth of God, Well of Dreams, Jade Pillow or the Ascension Chakra. It was open and active during Lemurian and Atlantian days and became closed down in humanity when Atlantis fell.

This chakra connects directly with the pineal and pituitary glands, the crown chakra, the heart chakra and the kundalini. It is the only chakra that actually channels energy into the body.

As the The Zeal Point chakra opens it is essential to work with this chakra and its direct connections in order to completely balance the main chakra system to support the natural healing ability of the body. Focusing only on balancing the 7 main chakras is no longer sufficient.

And as the The Zeal Point chakra opens, many spiritual and psychic abilities expand. These abilities vary from person to person. And there are sometimes physical symptoms as your body integrates these expanded abilities.

You will notice less separation between the dimensions, particularly the 4th and 5th dimensions. Clairvoyance, telepathy, dream recall, healing gifts become more powerful and multi-dimensional communication are a few of the abilities that expand as the Zeal Point opens.

It’s best if these sessions are a week apart to allow time for integration.

These sessions are available either in person in my healing space in Calgary or over Skype if you do not live in Calgary.

We will be focusing on supporting the gentle and natural opening of the Zeal Point chakra as it fits in with your own evolutionary path.

You will be given guidance on how to work with it at home in between sessions.

An overview of each session:

Session 1: Clearing and balancing the Zeal Point chakra; connecting the Zeal point chakra to the root chakra.

Session 2: Check in. Connecting the Zeal Point chakra to the chakra system. Also a mantra to heal and strengthen the Zeal Point chakra.

Session 3: Check in. Connecting the Zeal Point chakra to the 3 dantians.

Session 4: Followup and Integration


I am offering the 4 The Zeal Point chakra sessions for just $375. That’s a discount of $125 from my single-session fees.

Once you have made your payment, I will contact you by email to book your sessions.

Book your 3 appointments at least 7 days apart (7 days is ideal) and no more than 14 days apart. The energy work will be less effective if your appointments are more than 14 days apart from each other. .

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Complimentary Phone Consultation.

If you have questions, let’s talk about them.

During your consultation, we will discuss your healing goals and how Sound Wellness can best support those goals. My interest is in helping you get to, and to heal the core of an issue.

You may already know the core issue that is creating the symptoms you’re experiencing. Often though, the symptoms may mask the core.

Together, we’ll work to understand that core issue, although it’s not uncommon that it doesn’t fully appear until after we start working on it.

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