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In last week’s blog, I shared some of the information and science known about the biofield or aura of the human being.

There was also an exercise to raise your sensitivity to your own biofield in last week’s blog.

This week, I am excited to share some thoughts and tools for working with your biofield consciously.

Sound is a powerful way to affect your biofield because every particle of your being responds to and communicates with sound.

It is important to recognize that thoughts, intentions and especially emotional energy are transported effectively and powerfully on sound waves or sound energy.

If you wish to create a shift in your biofield, be extremely clear with your thoughts, intentions and emotional state, especially if you are using sound to help create this shift.

Limiting beliefs and negative emotional energy sing the same tune. That is, if one of your ‘buttons’ is pushed it will trigger emotional energy along with it. For example, if you think or say to yourself something like, “I’m not good enough to get the job I applied for,” it will likely trigger feelings of fear, resentment, envy or more.

Likewise, if an emotional response of resentment or envy is triggered by something or someone in your day, it can likely bring up the limiting belief in your mental chattering.

They sing the same tune.

pain in the lower back and hipsIf certain thoughts or emotions get triggered often, the frequent repetition creates stuck places in your body and biofield.

This can show up as pain in the body, like hip pain from the feeling of not being able to move forward or feeling stuck in your life. Resentment or envy can show up as heart issues or breathing issues like asthma.

Emotional energy can get stuck in your field as easily as it can get stuck in your body. And it doesn’t matter if this energy is yours or another person.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, your heart is always broadcasting your emotional state into your biofield. So is everyone else’s.

If there is a resonance between you and someone else’s broadcast, their energy can exacerbate or worsen your own issue or their energy can be dropped into your body or field. Physical empaths are really familiar with this feeling.

Also, your accompanying limiting beliefs are broadcast along with the emotional energy they sing along with. This energy out in your biofield attracts experiences that resonate with it.

As you work with your field consciously, and you and it become clearer, you will find the experiences your are attracting change.

Here are a few pointers in working with your field consciously and keeping it clear.

1. Know your own energy

Become intimately familiar with your own energy and biofield when it is strong. This is essential!! It will be strong after a massage or energy healing session. Knowing this feeling well allows you to recreate it at will to strengthen your own energy.

Here is an example of how to work with your energy in this way. A few years ago I was in a lineup at the grocery store. A man joined the lineup behind me. He must have been in a really foul mood or angry, because I felt this buzzy, thick, heavy energy start to move into my back.

As I noticed this, I immediately brought my awareness to my energy when it is really strong. As I consciously allowed my strong energy to expand throughout my body and into my biofield about a foot from my skin, this man’s angry energy was moved out of my body and field and replaced with a strong, positive ‘me’ energy. It created a boundary, respecting his need to be in his emotional experience without affecting my energy.

2. Support Chakra Health

chakrasHave a regular practice of working with keeping your chakras in balance. Chakras gather information from your biofield and environment and deliver this information to your nervous system. Your nervous system also delivers information through the chakra system to your biofield and environment.

Every Sunday evening I offer a full chakra toning practice on both Periscope and now FaceBook Live broadcasts. This is a great weekly chakra ‘tune-up’ that supports wellbeing and health.

These live broadcasts are done simultaneously.
To join on Periscope, click here:
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3. Biofield Clearing Tools

Here is a list of some of the tools I use to work with my biofield to keep it clear and healthy:

  • a feather aura fan
  • singing bowls, both Tibetan and crystal bowls
  • tingshas
  • tuning forks
  • my voice
  • certain crystals (celestite; spirit quartz; aqua aura; larimar; Herkimer diamond; lepidolte; moonstone; selenite; kunzite; black kyanite)
  • smudge
  • songpods
  • toning a mantra, like Om or the Medicine Buddha mantra

There are also many ways of working consciously with your biofield to gather information. Dr. Valerie Hunt found that information about previous lifetimes was located in the biofield and she developed ways to access this information.

There are also wonderful ways to create a collective field with a group of likeminded people. We do this at the Easter Sunday Toning Circle at Lake Louise. As we tone to support the awakening of humanity, a large collective field is created.

I would love to hear about your experiences with exploring ways to work with your biofield.

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