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In the midst of the increased activity during the holidays at the end of the year, I am also aware of a deep urge to spend some time in contemplation.

In GratitudeAs the year comes to a close, questions come bubbling up. A big one for me at this time of year is: How did I do? What have I accomplished this year?

In the midst of the increasing chaos in our complex world, there is enormous opportunity for growth.

The Sound Wellness Harmony WheelLife is moving so quickly these days that, as we forge ahead, we can easily forget to take a glance back and remember all the things we are grateful for.

Let’s take a look. I encourage you to create your own gratitude list as I create mine.

So I don’t miss anything, one of the models I use is the Harmony Wheel from our Harmony for Life program. Each spoke of the wheel represents a different area of life.

First – What am I grateful for in each area?

Sound Community is the first spoke on the Harmony Wheel.

My communities feed my soul. I am immensely grateful for my friends, who share in my journey from the depths of their hearts, as I share in theirs. I so love you.

Our community of Sound Wellness Practitioners has blossomed beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It has become a community of brilliant people who support each other in so many ways. I am blessed to be a part of the amazing group of souls.

My family expanded this year with the birth of a new grandchild. What a delight to be grandmother to three beautiful little children. They expand my heart in such powerful ways.

Sound Fun and Movement is the second spoke on the Harmony Wheel.

My dear friend, Tina Thrussell, is such a great reminder for me about the joy of movement and dance. I am so grateful for her Nurture Circles, where I can be nurtured and dance to my heart’s content.

The little, impromptu ceremonies of giving sound to the Earth with friends were soul fulfilling fun. As was my love of playing music shared in ensembles with some of my musical friends.

And, of course, playing, running, skipping, splashing, singing, planting, painting… with our grandchildren let me be a kid again.

I must confess that most of the time, I tend to be waaaay too serious. All of these moments and times where my heart gets to dance are treasured.

Sound Body/Sound Mind is the third spoke of the Harmony Wheel.

Taking care of the physical and mental self is what this spoke of the Harmony Wheel is all about. This is one of my favorite spokes of the wheel because sound offers such strong and effective physical and mental support.

As a sensitive empathy, self-care has claimed a bigger role in my life this year. We have ended up with a huge workload this year, and strong self-care rituals and practices have helped me to be able to accomplish a great deal and stay in or return quickly to a place of harmony.

Books and workbooksSound at Work is the fourth spoke on the Harmony wheel.

This past year has been a huge year of expansion for Sound Wellness. We have doubled our programs, and our workload, with the launch of the Emergent WorkForce program ( to support those struggling at work. And we have created the Sound Wellness Institute through which our programs are delivered.

This expansion in Sound Wellness has meant a lot of writing, as you can see from the image. Ed and I are beyond excited about this expansion of our services and look forward to great opportunities in 2019.

I’ll continue my list with the last four spokes next week.


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