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Last week I started my gratitude list with the first four spokes of the Sound Wellness Harmony Wheel. Today, I am sharing my list from the last four spokes.

Sound Support is the fifth spoke on the Harmony Wheel.

It is all about how abundance shows up in your life, from your paycheck to the little gifts life brings every day.

Growth and abundanceIn this spoke of the Harmony Wheel it is soooooo easy to get caught up in an attitude of lack. Every one of us has a wish of something more they would like to invite into their lives.

That’s ok. But if the focus is more on lack than on gratitude, we can attract more lack into our lives.

This is a delicate dance. That’s why a gratitude practice is essential to thriving in your life. That’s why I’m doing my end of the year Harmony Wheel contemplation.

How does abundance show up in your life?

In my life, abundance shows up financially through the people who trade their dollars for our products or services. I am thrilled to be of service to them and grateful they found us.

Ed and I celebrate every order we receive, whether it is the free download of our 5-minute tuning fork track or a purchase of all of our programs. The amount of money exchanged is different, but the energy is the same.

The universe will hear you.

With such a huge expansion of our programs and services this year, it has certainly stretched our resources. I am deeply grateful that every single time that our bank account turns towards empty that an order comes in or a registration or some other financial support that fills that void. Every time. We are learning to trust that we are supported and cared for in ways we are not even aware of.

There is much more to abundance than financial support. Abundance most often shows up in gifts, hugs, smiles, a parking spot, a breath of fresh air, sparkles in the snow and in a million other ways every single day.

Sound Feng Shui is the sixth spoke of the Harmony Wheel.

This spoke is all about your physical environment, where you live, where you work, your neighbourhood, city, natural areas and so on.

I have many protocols that keep the energy field of our home clear of disturbances in the field. This creates an energy and environment of peace and calm and healing.

As many of you know, I love roses. We have about 25 rose bushes in our gardens around the house. They are beautiful and treasured plants that bring so much beauty to our little space of Calgary. Our little garden in the backyard has a pond with a waterfall that is my Zen place in the summer. The birdbath beside the pond is always full of little sparrows and a few other birds.

Every room in our home has many gifts that others have given us over the years. They are constant reminders of the wonderful people who gave these things to us. For this great, gifted abundance, I am so grateful.

One of the greatest benefits of living in Calgary is its closeness to the Rocky Mountains. In an hour, we can be in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.

Sound Heart is the seventh spoke of the Harmony Wheel.

Sound HeartThis spoke is all about the capacity of your own beautiful heart. It is about your relationship with yourself. And with a significant other. Our most intimate relationship is a reflection of one’s own heart.

Whenever I am opening a sacred ceremony, I love to call in the beautiful and supportive energy of the six directions: South, West, North, East, Mother Earth, and Father Sun.

The heart also carries elements of each of these directions: up, down, side to side and front and back. As we bring harmony to the heart, in all ways, we expand the inner dimension – the capacity of the heart.

This is where compassion, courage, vulnerability, grace and unconditional love live.

One of the best ways to support the heart and expand its capacity is with a regular practice. For me, this has been the Sound Wellness Chakra Toning Facebook Live broadcast every Sunday evening.

I am deeply grateful for the other beautiful hearts and voices who show up to tone along with me. I am blown away by the power of this practice to expand the capacity of the heart.

Sound Spirit is the eighth spoke of the harmony wheel.

This spoke of the wheel is all about your connection with your soul or spirit. What do you do for personal and/or spiritual growth?

This aspect of our being is often the most neglected, especially in a busy, chaotic world. Yet it is your source of courage, inspiration and grace during the really tough times.

For me, I am deeply grateful to make time for contemplation and meditation. This time helps to keep me centred, clear and whole. Most of my sound tools and my voice are precious tools that teach me harmony and wholeness. They feed my soul.

Thank you for journeying along with me as I contemplate this year and its gifts and challenges.


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