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The New Year Vibe

Happy New Year!The beginning of the New Year is such a great time of hope. And hope nestled into the human heart is a possibility match made in Heaven!

Maybe that is why a new year has been celebrated in cultures all over the world for thousands of years.

What makes the hope even more tangible is the process of cultural ‘letting go’ of the old year as we welcome in the possibilities of a new year. This process of ‘letting go’ and ‘welcoming the new’ is also central to the process of healing.

And all of this is amplified as we welcome in a whole new decade.

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new year is to tune in to the vibration or the feeling of the year. But this year was a different journey.

My Vibe

For me, personally, the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 was marked with illness. I rarely get sick, so this one caught me by surprise. In the grips of bronchitis that severely triggered an old asthmatic condition, my attention was captured by the very real necessity of just breathing.

This was a common cold amplified in a way to get my attention on a deeper emotional issue I had been ignoring for decades!

From many years of working with clients and with myself, I know that digging into the emotional causes underneath an illness or condition is essential for deep healing to take place.

Whenever I get sick, which doesn’t happen often, the first question I ask is, “What can I let go of or heal, so I can recover more quickly?” or “What is the emotional basis of this illness?

So I dove deep into my heart.

The process is not yet complete. I’m still working through the insights as I get better.

What I have seen so far is a ‘letting go’ of huge blocks, a lighter, happier feeling in my heart and deep gratitude for the results achieved so far from having the ‘sense’ and courage to dive into the source.

I am always deeply grateful for the many gentle and amazing ways to use sound to help clear the emotional cause under pain or illness. And also how beautifully sound works with other modalities.

The Evolution Vibe

We are evolving and transforming what it means to be human, my friend. And there can be growing pains. You are expanding your awareness and dipping your toes into your infinite capacity.

Sometimes your buttons get pushed. Develop a curiosity about the buttons. Stare them in the face and demand to know their purpose.

You are ready for the answers.

If you feel the walls of your cocoon squeezing you, push back. On one of those pushes, you will open a door in the wall and emerge sprinkling joy everywhere you go.


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