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Have you ever had an experience where a creative flow is so easy that you think there must be something wrong? Or something missing? Creative inspiration can sometimes be like that.

My friend, Cindy, is a talented poet and artist, whose poetry I had fallen in love with in 1997. Every time I read her one of her poems, I hear music in my head.

When Cindy gave me a file folder of her poems in 1998, I tried to write this music down, but it just wasn’t working. So, I put the poems she had given me into the filing cabinet and honestly, forgot about them. Yamaha AW16G digital recorder

For Christmas in 2003, my husband, Ed, gave me a digital audio workstation. With this machine, I could create my own recordings and CDs. I was excited beyond measure!

As I was learning how to use the machine, a big intuitive nudge told me to get Cindy’s poems out of my filing cabinet.

The music to accompany her poems poured out!

I was amazed that the inspiration for the sound came so easily and quickly. I would read one of her poems, then meditate asking for the sound for this poem and within minutes the sound would start flowing into my mind in a way that was easy to write down.the CD - Cool on my Skin

I called the CD Cool on my Skin because when writing the music for the third poem, I realized that the music wasn’t coming from me, it was coming through me. I gave the CD the title of this poem to honour that process.

But then, I started the music for the last poem, Sea of Light Within. I knew that the music for this poem was to carry the tones for all of the chakras to complete the chakra balancing intended throughout the CD.

The music contained only two chords. I started thinking – and I shouldn’t have done that – “This is too simple.” How can the music for the whole poem be based on just two chords?

So, I spent two weeks filling up at least two garbage cans with manuscript paper trying to write a melody that would go with the chords. After having all of the music for the other poems appear so easily and quickly, I was totally blocked and just didn’t understand it.

In frustration, I gathered together a group of friends, who were bribed with snacks and wine, to listen to a performance of the whole set and ask them for feedback. When I got to the last piece, I explained my frustration with trying to create a melody for the piece and just performed it with the two chords.

They said that it is perfect just the way it is because it is a meditation. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen that!

Then I began to understand the process at a deeper level. The music flowing easily and quickly was like surrendering to receiving the music and allowing it to flow through me.

As soon as I tried to add something that didn’t belong, like a melody for the last piece, I was totally blocked.

That was my personal will working by itself to create what I thought should be there. The inspiration stopped because I was out of alignment with the creative flow. It was a magnificent lesson for me.

Surrendering to the creative flow (sometimes I call this Divine Will) brings personal will into alignment. As I learned with the creation of Cool on my Skin, Divine will is a spectacular creative partner.

In Health and Harmony,