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We live such very full lives — lives that move at a pace humanity has never seen before.

busy cross walkWe are learning new ways to support our body as it adjusts to creating ease in this fast paced world.

We are changing the nature of our relationships and connection with other people with the advent of social media and instant global connection.

Our emotions are often rattled by the chaotic nature of the world around us. It challenges not only us, but also our relationships with those closest to us. And in our relationships with those at work.

Our minds are too often captured by worrisome thoughts. These thoughts often mirror chaotic events around us. And so our inner world becomes chaotic.

We easily forget that peace – calm – joy – compassion – spiritual connection and bliss are permanent parts of our being.

Fear, anger, impatience, resentment, confusion… are fleeting states. They are meant to be felt and then to flow through our beings.

But sometimes they get stuck. And we lose our connection to the permanent place of peace and ease within.

For me, it was a case of hives that lasted for 6 months when I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything in my life at the time. I knew that I needed to bring myself back to that place of peace within and that would bring ease back into my life. And once I figured out how to do that, even though the pace, the workload and family responsibilities continued, I was back in my place of calm and peace.

Creating easeAt least until the next time that I forgot that I AM calm and peace. Some days are just like that.

It’s important for you to know, that creating ease is an ongoing process. There is no single solution that will work every time. We need to be able to flow with that, and to have a huge toolkit always handy that we can dig into from moment to moment.

What I narrowed some of my difficulties down to were three challenges I had been ignoring – these probably sound familiar:

    Holding on

  1. What I call Flying Solo. That means doing everything yourself.
  2. Holding On to emotional energy. We all do this. Sometimes a powerful emotion overwhelms us and we just can’t deal with it right now. So we end up stuffing it somewhere in our body so we can deal with it later. This is fine in the short term, but if we don’t return to deal with it later, the emotional energy festers and turns into discomfort and disease. Like my hives.
  3. My ability to Reset – to reset myself back to the peaceful and calm place.

I knew that I needed as many effective tools as I could get my hands on. After decades of exploring alternative methods of healing, energy healing and thousands of books, NOTHING worked better than sound and music.

Sound works so well because it’s very physical. Sound goes through you. And as it goes through you it sets every atom of your being into a state of vibration. When the vibration stops your being resets to its normal healthy patterns.

Sound is such a great tool because human beings are wired for sound from our atoms to our energetic networks! At the quantum level, we ARE music!


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