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For many years I searched looking for a magic pill that would solve all my problems.

I did find it. What I discovered was that the magic pill was ME!!

So here’s my personal theme for 2018 – BE my Magic Pill. In other words CLAIM MY POWER in a way I would never have imagined!

This is something I have actually been doing for a long time, but lately, I’m feeling a big nudge from the universe (guides, soul) to step into my power in a much bigger way.

Are you finding this too? If you have been on a spiritual journey for a while, it wouldn’t surprise me that you are feeling this big nudge too.

So what does it mean to Claim Your Power in a bigger way?

Here are some of the ways I am experiencing this at a deeper level:

1. Don’t buy into the fear.

panic buttonWe have a massive flood of global ‘fear-mongering’ in our culture right now. The extremes of polarity are giving us a great opportunity to observe how our ego can be captured by all this. For those with a regular spiritual practice, whether that is meditation, yoga, a walk outside, contemplation, or others, you may also be experiencing a powerful experience of the depth and deep peace of your own soul.

One of my personal intentions over the past several years is to actually embody as much of my soul as my body can handle. Its expanding presence over this time is shifting my perspective to a place of deep peace from which power springs in a very different way.

You ALWAYS have a choice. Be discerning. What are you choosing?

2. Manage emotions!

Fear keeps you locked in the emotional part of the brain. When that happens the emotional brain hijacks the thinking part of your brain.

Those locked into ‘worry’ or fear have lost access to the part of the brain that can help solve problems. You end up stuck in an emotional loop.

In addition to staring down the fear and understanding it, it is ESSENTIAL that emotions need to be managed to gain access to the whole brain.

I don’t mean stuff or control emotions here. That just makes everything worse. For years, I was a stuffer!

We are emotional beings. Emotions are life force energy. They need to flow. But when they get stuck in patterns or a loop or in the body, there are consequences.

Know how they show up in your body and being. There are many ways to heal and transmute emotional energy.

One of the biggest tools I have found for me is to become intimately aware of my own particular ways (or beliefs) that structure how I see the world. I call these Perceptual Filters. Like sunglasses, they change their colour all day long, depending on how you are choosing to see the world.

There are thousands of them. A big filter is “victim.” Many people are stuck in that one right now.


This is called intelligent perception. It is the inner sage that lives in the third eye.

3. Am I running around with half a brain?

I have spent most of my life focusing mostly on the logical left side of the brain. As an empath, my intuition is pretty strong, but I spent many years ignoring it.

It is the same for those who live only from the intuitive, right side of the brain. We have two sides of the brain and we need to use them both to accomplish most powerfully what we came here to do.

There are many practices that connect and integrate both sides of the brain, so you function with a whole brain. This empowers everything you do!

My favorites at the moment to help me keep my brain whole are my old Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and brainwave entrainment focusing on the Gamma state. Powerful stuff.

4. Integrate the Shadow

shadow in the nightI have been a student of my own thoughts for decades. When I first started this practice, I was disgusted and horrified by the ongoing narrative of negative, judgmental thoughts. I certainly had my work cut out for me.

It takes constant vigilance to know them. Especially in the fear based culture we find ourselves in today.

What is the nature of your thoughts? Many of them are fear-based diatribes coming from what many call the ‘shadow’ part of you. Some call this the ego part.


As my mind became clearer, I learned to question every negative thought and ask for its source. If it arises from the shadow parts within me, I accept it and work with it. Some of them just pop up out of habit.

Sometimes I pick up negative thought energy from the environment. If it is, it is dismissed easily.

Be vigilant! Challenge every negative thought. Know your thoughts!

5. Clean up your vibration

As I step into more of my own power and soul driven energy, I am experiencing a deeper need to keep my energy clearer. I am also noticing when it is not!

Creating and building Sound Wellness has demanded a lot of this. Working with sound is one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, modality on the planet. Everything is sound. To be most effective in working with it and in training others to use it, managing my own vibration has been crucial to creating my best work.

Know your energy when it is strong. And know what it is like when it is weak. Explore ways to shift your energy quickly from weak to strong when needed. Sound is a huge tool for this.

6. Say ‘YES!’ to the Universe

One of the most fascinating and fun things that has been happening in my life over the past few years is the wonderful opportunities that show up from ‘out of the blue’. These are opportunities I would never have considered on my own. And I am so grateful for these!

thumbs upOne of them happened about ten years ago with a request to create a program for a study on stress at Mount Royal University. I said YES and that led to the creation of Sound Wellness. I would never have thought of that without working with those in my group during that study.

Another one was the opportunity to say YES to creating verified competency certification (the first in Canada) for Sound Wellness. This is bringing certification in working with sound to a whole new level and serving those practitioners who are looking for this level of certification. Would never have thought of that myself.

How has saying YES! to the universe changed your life? Are you keeping a place in your heart and field open for this?

No one can claim your power for you. Accepting responsibility for yourself is claiming your power. You are the only one who can do that.

We live in unprecedented times with an enormous potential for evolution. But the evolution doesn’t happen without responsibility.

The choice is yours.