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GramPa and MorganYesterday, as I was just wrapping up doing dinner dishes (Ed cooked so I got the dishes), we received an urgent text from our son. Our 2-year old grandson wanted to talk to us. So we hopped on to Facetime and heard his sweet voice saying, “Hi Gramma –Hi Grampa!”

We got a little dizzy as he carried the phone around with him over to his toys, then to the kitchen and back to Daddy in the living room. I’m sure you can imagine the number of times the image flipped! All the while, chatting away in toddler babble sprinkled with words he knows.

What beautiful medicine for the heart!

During times like these when we are surrounded with woeful pandemic news, societal chaos, isolation, and so many people struggling – precious moments become even more precious.

Emotional health is fed in so many ways:

  • Meditation. My favorite, especially over the past year, is mantra meditation. My daily practice has been an anchor for me.
  • Mindfulness. This, too, is an essential skill to hone. Awareness of your emotional state is the first step in managing and shifting to healthier states.
  • Exercise. For as long as I can remember, I have always solved my biggest problems or received inspiration on my walks.
  • Journaling. Over the past year, I have filled two gratitude journals. Gratitude feeds the heart. The simple act of spending 5 minutes writing down 3 things you are grateful has lasting benefits for your emotional health.
  • Connection and community. During these past months of isolation I am filled with awe over the brilliant ways people have found to maintain connection and community. We are blessed with the internet that allows us to do this on an unprecedented scale.
  • And Sound and Music!! You knew I was going to get to this, didn’t you!

Today, I am sharing with you a few precious sounds to feed your heart and emotional health.

1. Shake My Sillies Out!

When our boys were little, this was a favorite song for when they needed to wear off excess energy or process frustration. It is from Raffi’s album called, “more Singable Songs.” We wore this album out.  Don your ‘little kid hat’ and follow along with Raffi here on YouTube:

2. Devi Prayer – Hymn to the Divine Mother

Immerse yourself in the presence of and connection to the Divine Feminine with this glorious chant:

3. The World’s Most Relaxing Song: “Weightless” by Marconi Union

This song was actually studied by neuroscientists (along with other songs). This one was most effective in stimulating the relaxation response:

4. Nature Sounds

Nature sounds like wind, water and birdsong are some of the healthiest sounds. Go here for a free 60 minute download of gently bubbling water and birdsong, “Woodland Song”:

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In Health and Harmony,