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Welcome to the Sound Wellness Summer of Self Care. This summer, we will be sharing all kinds of tips, tools and musical tracks for you to explore and add to your calm and relaxation toolkit for when you really need them. The summer is a great time to explore when the pace is slower.

I recommend setting up a folder to store the links, blogs and tracks that you find really work for you. Having these in one place makes it easy to find when the pace and stresses of daily life speeds up in September and December.

Our first exploration is to Find the Source.roots of an old tree


Stress is the biggest health concern we face in our modern fast paced world. For ourselves and for those people we care about.
Multiple studies state that stress is at the root of up to 90% of all visits to the doctor. The most interesting statistic in most of these studies is that only about 3% of these people are seeing their doctor because they are concerned about stress.

That means that about 95% of those seeing their doctor for all kinds of conditions have no idea that stress is at the root of their condition.

So let’s gather a little more information about where you are at right now.

Ask yourself:

Do I catch colds every winter that seem to take forever to completely go away.

Do I find myself getting impatient over little things?

Do I have muscle tension in my shoulder, neck, jaw or lower back?

Do I have trouble sleeping at night or getting to sleep because my brain won’t shut off?

Do I worry a lot?

Does my stomach or digestive system often get upset?

How would I rate my stress level between 1 and 10, 1 being no stress and 10 being maximum stress?

My answer ________

Every one of the above questions describes a symptom of stress.

The thing is, these symptoms start innocently enough, but they get repeated or experienced so many times that they start to become chronic. And what’s worse, because we don’t take them seriously (they are relatively small complaints), we get used to these symptoms. We get so used to them that as they intensify, so does our resolve to continue to get used to them.

This is called Habituation. And this vicious cycle or downward spiral eventually destroys your health and sense of wellbeing. Some days, it’s all you can do to just get by.

Let’s explore a little deeper and gather some more information.


If you want to investigate your stress response to gather more information there is a more detailed quiz on our website. It is completely confidential and will take you about five minutes to complete. And you get your results immediately.

Here is the link:

Add this link to your folder or bookmark it so you can return to the quiz to measure improvements.

Stress ruins your health, creates emotional distress, turns your mind into mush, disconnects you from purpose in your life and from the people who mean most to you.
To maintain healthy levels of stress is a journey that takes awareness, and as many effective tools as you can gather.

Many of you who have been on our newsletter list for a while now already know that the right choice of sound or music can effortlessly

  1. create relaxation
  2. reduce or eliminate pain
  3. boost your immune system
  4. diminish depression
  5. dissolve emotional blocks
  6. stimulate the natural healing ability of your body
  7. accelerate growth in consciousness
  8. give you peace
  9. and so much more.

You will be collecting tools for all of these benefits throughout the summer, so please stay tuned to your inbox, the Sound Wellness blog or to the Sound Wellness FaceBook page where I will be sharing the links to the blogs.

Here are links to the blog and the FaceBook page:
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