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Gliding into September with Serenity and Ease

brain getting into shape lifting weightsDoes your brain need a refresh from the slower pace of summer? With September looming and a sharp increase in activity, many of us need to kick start the brain into fast forward mode. How do we do that with ease and serenity?

Another thing that is often kick-started in September is elevated stress from the sudden appearance of a long to-do list, especially if you have children in school.

Stress keeps you locked in the emotional part of your brain and unplugs you from access to the logical, thinking part or your brain. There are many sounds that will not only reduce your stress levels, giving you ease and serenity, they will also give you your brain back!

Here are four tips to explore to help you do that.

Tip 1: Entrain the Brain

Entrainment is natural and automatic to the human being. “Entrainment is the synchronization to an external rhythm.” (Wikipedia). This response particularly applies to music.

For example, when you walk into a store where there is music playing, it takes only minutes for your heartbeat to match the beat of the music. This is an automatic response of the human heart to rhythm in music. You can’t turn this off. It happens even if you’re ignoring the music playing in the store.

A racing mind and a racing heartbeat often go together. When you choose music with a slow beat, the heartbeat will slow down to match it. Since the heartbeat, breathing and brainwave rhythms are all intimately connected, a slower heartbeat will encourage the mind to slow down and become quiet.

A great rusty brain refresh for any time of the year!

Tip 2: Push the Restart Button

Restart ButtonOld Tibetan singing bowls are ancient brainwave entrainment tools that also help to quiet the mind. Because of the way that Tibetan bowls are made, they naturally resonate at many frequencies, creating wavering sounds when the bowl is played. These wavering sounds entrain the brainwaves and help to calm the mind.

Singing Tibetan bowls also work like the restart button on your computer. When things aren’t working properly, a restart is often all it takes to get it humming along properly. The body and energetic field do the same thing with the right Tibetan bowl. When the sound stops, the body and field reset to their original healthy and harmonious state. This stimulates the natural, healing response of the body.

For more information about Tibetan singing bowls, check out the videos in our You Tube channel:

Tip 3: Listen to the Birds

walking through the leaves on a fall dayMeditation is a powerful way to calm the incessant chatter in the mind and to refresh the brain.

One of my favourite ways to do this is what I call a Sound Mindfulness Meditation. I love birdsong, so on my daily walks, I listen intently to the sounds of the birds around me. As I walk, I thoroughly experience the songs as they fill my ears and being.

When I return home, I feel completely refreshed – body and brain.

Tip 4: Immersion

For a complete refresh into serenity and ease, for the ultimate in self care, consider immersing yourself in the healing energy of sound and music at our Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music program.

Our next program is September 20 to 22. You can find out more information here: