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I never realized how powerfully looking for light in my fear sparked resilience in my being until after I fell down the stairs.

Have you ever had a standoff with your unconscious mind?

We usually don’t know what is buried there, but every once in a while something bubbles up to surprise you.

Several years ago, Ed and I planned a vacation in Newfoundland. I was there for a conference for a few days and he joined me at the end of the conference. We were excited to explore this fascinating province of Canada.

We found a beautiful bed and breakfast on the shore of one of the gorgeous bays in Newfoundland. From here, we planned day trips to locations we wanted to explore.

On the second day of our stay there, I fell down the stairs and badly sprained my ankle, breaking two ligaments. Even though I was not able to walk far, we still enjoyed exploring with my ankle wrapped, my foot up on the dashboard of the car and ice packs handy.

After arriving back home, it took months for this injury to fully heal. But heal, it finally did. At least my ankle healed. There was an unresolved issue that bubbled up years later on a bike ride in the country.

Enjoying the ride through the woods, we arrived at the top of a hill.

riding a mountain bike down a steep hillI became frozen with fear about riding my bike down the hill. Never before had I experienced such sudden fear that felt completely debilitating! I just couldn’t move my bike forward and down the hill.

Ed started to get concerned and suggested we should turn around and head back.

This sudden fear was such a surprise that it made me angry that it was even there. There was no way that I was going to let this fear stop me! Ed could likely tell you many stories about my stubbornness.

It occurred to me that this fear might have resulted from my fall down the stairs a few years before in Newfoundland.

As I began to understand the source of this fear, we moved forward. I walked my bike down the hill as I dug into my unconscious mind. As we resumed the bike ride at the bottom of the hill, the fear was still there, but I was determined not to let it stop me.

For the rest of the bike ride, each small hill offered an understanding and more determination. The fear gradually subsided as my confidence renewed itself.

I am grateful that this bike ride offered me such a valuable lesson in the power of surprising beliefs buried in the unconscious mind.

Have you ever experienced a fear that seems to arise out of nowhere?

Have you ever tried to start something new, like an exercise program for example, only to have all of your good intentions completely fizzle out after a few days or weeks?

Do you sometimes find yourself captured by worry thoughts?

Have you ever taken the time to stare right in the face of this fear and ask, “ARE YOU TRUE?”

(This blog is an excerpt from Sharon’s upcoming book, Please Pass the Calm.)