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Are You Really Aware of the Vibration You Are Broadcasting to the World?

Thumbs UpThumbs DownWe live in an increasingly polarized world where extremes of negativity and positivity are becoming more common.

For those people who are deeply sensitive, there is another level of awareness that’s important. Are you aware of the vibration you are broadcasting to the world? This vibration fills your energy field.

And what is in your energy field will either be attractive or repelling to others. And – people don’t have to be near you to feel this.

For those who are deeply empathic, you have likely felt the blast of energy emitted by negativity. The source of this vibrational broadcast is thoughts amplified by emotional energy.

A Blast in the Back

Here’s an example. My mother-in-law and I had a wonderful and rewarding friendship for many years before she passed away. She did have a tendency to focus on the negative whenever she was concerned about something. In other words, she was a worrier. Usually she responded well to reframing the negative thoughts to positive ones.

But several years ago, when I was juggling many exciting creative projects, she focused her worried thoughts on me, thinking I was doing too much. I’m a physical empath. The first time I felt her focus on me, it felt like a blast of hurricane force wind to my back. I was driving at the time and it almost forced me off the road.

It was one of the most discerning moments of my life. I had never experienced thought energy directed at me like that. And I promised then and there to never send energy like that to any person. I told my children, husband and close family I would never ‘worry’ about them again.

The Reluctant Traveler

That promise sent me deeper than I have ever traveled before into my own thoughts.

Do you really know what is going on in your mind?   When I started to notice what was going on in mine, I was appalled and dismayed. I felt that most of the time, I had a repetitive, belligerent child on my hands.  

How did I create this and more importantly – how do I manage it?

I was realistic enough to know that ‘control’ of this mind was out of the question.  And I had another big problem. Now that I was aware of this ‘monster upstairs,’ there was no turning back. I couldn’t put my awareness on mute. I could ignore it sometimes, or get hung up on one of those mental ‘rollercoasters.’

So, I became a reluctant student of my thoughts. I knew when I started this journey with my thoughts that awareness of them and especially managing them was the doorway into my greatest potential.

They are the tick that make our lives tock.   And I believe that sound is the most powerful key we have to unlock the door of our potential. And an incredible way to manage the negativity rollercoaster. 

the earths geomagnetic fieldFor anyone in business, negativity will push clients far away. But we’re human. We live in a world of polarity. Negativity is a part of life. So is positivity.

Set yourself inner alarm buzzers to notice when it comes up, or when the rollercoaster starts. And begin the journey to step into your greatest potential.