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goldfish jumping into a larger fishbowlOpportunity and Grace are two words that are seldom used together.

Opportunity is defined by Google as “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.”

Opportunity is set of circumstances that help you find a great job, meet the perfect mate, or get a deal on the house of your dreams. It shows up in everyday life when a traffic jam clears just as you reach it or finding the last shirt on the rack in your size and favorite color.

Yet, when it comes to co-creating with the unlimited potential and opportunities of the universe (source, God, etc), we limit ourselves by our expectations.

Just this week, I received an email newsletter from the wonderful and wise Caroline Myss. One of the statements in her article, Finding Faith, Nurturing Faith, hit me like a ton of bricks.

She was talking about prayer and the requests we make in our prayers. She said, “Agendas are not harmful in your prayers; but the agendas you have for the answers you want reflect your lack of faith.” (Here is the link if you want to read the whole article: )

We ask for things or help all the time in our requests of the universe and then we turn down or don’t even notice the incredible opportunities that have been sent as a response. Because these opportunities don’t match our expectations!

This is nuts!

doors open at the end of a dark hallwayAnd this is where Grace comes in. Grace is defined as “simple elegance.” In the context of this discussion on opportunity, grace means watch for signs and notice to what shows up. Many of these signs are very subtle.

My favorite way of staying open to the unlimited potential of the universe is to imagine a door in my field that is partially open. Sometimes the door is fully open.

What this door represents to me is opportunity that I would never have even considered asking for. That open door has exquisitely directed my soul work.

One of the most fascinating and fun things that has been happening in my life over the past few years is the wonderful opportunities that show up from ‘out of the blue’. These are opportunities I would never have considered on my own. And I am so grateful for these!

One of them happened about ten years ago with a request to create a program for a study on stress at Mount Royal University. I said YES and that led to the creation of Sound Wellness. I would never have thought of that without working with those in my group during that study.

Another one was the opportunity to say YES to creating verified competency certification (the first in Canada) for Sound Wellness. This is bringing certification in working with sound to a whole new level and serving those practitioners who are looking for this level of certification.

Another call that came from ‘out of the blue’ was a request to create a workplace wellness program and was born.

Would never have thought of that myself. To me, this is opportunity and grace.

Now ask yourself, “how has saying YES! to the universe changed your life?” Are you keeping a place in your heart and field open for this?