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Om is a Tangible Experience

the sanskrit symbol for OMSeveral years ago I was given the gift of experiencing the power of Om in a startlingly visceral way. Many Holistic Practitioners already have a deep connection with Om. This story may spark in you similar ways you can offer your friends or groups a tangible experience with this incredible sound.

About 10 years ago, I received a request to facilitate a team building exercise for 50 University librarians using singing Tibetan Bowls. The idea fascinated me, so I said yes. And then had to figure out how to actually facilitate such an exercise.

The healing power of a single singing Tibetan bowl is profound. A room full of 50 people playing 25 Tibetan bowls all at once would be profound times 25!!

Sound is Vibrational Energy

Sound is a physical energy. As a vibrational energy, a sound pushes against atoms and molecules and sends them into a state of vibration. That’s how sound energy moves.

Sound travels through your body faster than it goes through the air. In addition to sending your atoms and molecules into a state of vibration, the sound energy also shakes up the emotional energy that is held in the 99% ‘empty space’ within the atoms.

Tibetan singing bowls are really good at shaking up this emotional energy within and allowing it to be released. It’s one of the great gifts of healing these beautiful bowls offer you.

My Problem, My Guidance and the Miracle

Well, imagine this release of emotional energy times 50 all in one room! I can tell you I was more than a little concerned about that. I knew that at the end of the exercise, the room would be filled with heavy emotional energy. Whenever I work with a group of people with sound, I like to leave the energy of the space we’re in sparklingly clear. So as the day grew near, I went within and asked for divine guidance. And then I listened.

My answer came a couple of days before the event. It was so simple.

Tone 3 Oms.

After many years of asking for divine guidance, doubting it at times and following it anyway, I have learned to trust it when I receive it.

So at the end of the exercise with the librarians, the room was indeed filled with thick, heavy emotional energy that had been released. It was REALLY thick!

I asked each person in the room to move their awareness to a foot or two away from their skin and tell me what they sensed. Many in the group felt the heaviness.

Then I asked them to assist me in toning 3 Oms to clear the space and gave them three choices. To tone with me, to tone silently with their inner voice or to simply hold the intention to assist in the clearing of the space.

I toned the first Om and several people toned with me. As we toned the second Om, I actually felt a gentle breeze flow through the room from the left side to the right side. As we toned the third Om, the room filled with light.

I stood there in awe and deep reverence.

Again, I asked each person to move their awareness to a foot or two away from their skin and tell me what they sensed. Those who sensed the difference sat there with wonder on their faces.

Om has a tangible and powerful energy field that has been created from being used for thousands of years in a sacred way. It is quite real and you call this field into your space whenever you tone or chant it.

I would love to hear about any OM stories you have.


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