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I see a lot of information about moving forward, but I don’t see much in this information about how difficulty moving forward shows up in the body.

Woman going forwardWe are a whole being. To move forward involves consideration of the physical, emotional mental and spiritual – every leg of your energy table. To move forward, you have to let go of what you are holding on to and create space for what the universe is trying to send you.

During the fall of 2015, I was experiencing pain in my right hip that kept getting worse, especially on my walks. So my doctor sent me for x-rays and ultrasound tests to get a better look at what was going on.

X-rays showed bone on bone in my right hip. She said there wasn’t much she could do about it, but she could give me a cortisone shot in the joint to help with the pain.

I said, “No thank you” and went home determined to do some deep soul searching to find the emotional core of what was going on. And to bring my own energy table back into balance.

Legs and hips are all about moving forward. So I looked deeper. That fall, we had really been feeling like our business, Sound Wellness, was stagnating or stuck and I was feeling frustrated.

Sound Wellness is very much my soul work and to feel frustrated that my soul work was stuck hurt my heart.

What to do?

I used all my sound tools and others to release what I was holding on to and made space. I have learned that when I am feeling stuck, that the universe is preparing to bring in something new. So I made space in my heart and soul for new opportunity. I made a physical space on a special shelf in my working and healing space for something coming.

Then I waited and watched.

When the invitation came in July, 2016 to create the first competency certification in Canada for practitioners in Sound Wellness, Ed and I said yes.

My soul work expanded to where I never imagined going, my heart sings with new potential and service and the pain is gone.

SELF CARE ACTION STEP:  Set aside a few moments with your favorite beverage and contemplate if any physical symptoms you are experiencing right now could be exacerbated by holding on to emotional energy. Journal about any insights you receive.