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Sound is a fundamental creative force of the universe.

Sound, including mantra, is a powerful complement for creating health and wellbeing. Sound is defined as vibrational energy. It is energy that affects how matter itself vibrates. In order just to move, sound has to push against atoms and molecules.

And that includes you. Sound travels faster through you than it does through the air. Sound also has a powerful effect at all levels of the human physical being and energy systems. Mantra and sound used together create harmony and balance in profound ways.


On Mani Padme Hum in Sanskrit

‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ in Sanskrit

The word, Mantra, comes from the Sanskrit words manas which means mind and trai which means to protect or set free from.

Mantra is an incredibly useful tool to free your mind (and everything else it affects – body, emotions, spirit) from old conditioned patterns and habits of thinking. It is also an effective way to stimulate the natural healing ability of the body.

Various forms of chanting and mantra have been used by aboriginal cultures all over the planet for thousands of years.

Mantra uses the creative energy of sound in very specific ways – mantra is a blueprint for creating reality.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand says in his book Healing Mantras, “Mantras break up unhealthy or negative energy patterns stored in the physical and subtle bodies and help create new, positive energy patterns.” p. 32.

Imagine sound, music, vowels and speech – these great creative forces – as a wild stallion. Mantra is the harness that you put on the horse. Now you can steer the horse to where you want to go.

Creating Miracles in your Life and your Business

Mantras are also like tuning forks. Here’s how that works.

A mantra is sung or chanted by your voice. Your voice is created inside of you. Remember – sound travels faster through you than it goes through the air.

Think about that. The sound of your voice has already vibrated every atom of your being before the sound even leaves your mouth. As you sing or chant a mantra, you are repeatedly vibrating every atom of your being with sacred sound.

You are tuning your entire being, down to your atoms, to that vibrational blueprint. When you do this repeatedly over several days, months, etc. you create a vibration that is impossible for the universe to ignore.

For those people who want to grow your business, try this process with one of the abundance mantras. And keep a journal. You will be amazed at the miracles that appear in your life!