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A Soul Smile is a moment of connection with your deepest, inner YOU.

It also stimulates a flood of healthy hormones from your nervous system that helps to reduce symptoms of stress and create wellbeing and happiness.

More than this – it gives you perspective.

hamster running in his wheelAs our human family continues to navigate through unprecedented challenges, we do need to be aware of the moments of stress and worry.

Stress, fear and worry are powerful emotions. They are emotions that keep you stuck in an emotional loop by continuing the loop. Like a hamster running endlessly on an exercise wheel.

Most of the time, we don’t even know we’re in an emotional loop. Stress can be insidious, habitual and even contagious.

A powerful way to break the loop, is a soul smile. And all it takes is a moment!

CONSCIOUSLY creating moments of connection, regularly, will help to put the stress and worry into proper perspective.

So, how do you make your soul smile?

When was the last time you felt joy? or deep peace? or happiness for no particular reason? or Bliss or Gratitude, just because? When did you last sing or dance?

Prolonged stress robs you of vitality, health, wellbeing, happiness, joy, fun and so much more …

So SMILE at yourself for those moments when symptoms of stress become stronger than happiness. Forgive your forgetfulness and reach for something that makes your soul smile.

To get you started on ways to make your soul smile, here are some of my favorites:

  • take a deep, slow breath while focusing on your heart; take several deep, slow breaths
  • hum a favorite tune
  • meditate
  • sigh 2 or 3 long, vocalized sighs to stimulate the relaxation response
  • admire the sunset
  • admire the sunset with a friend or loved one
  • make a list of 3 things  you are grateful for.
  • smell a flower
  • stand in the grass with bare feet
  • catch a snowflake – or raindrop – on your tongueMom blowing a bubble with her son
  • gaze at the clouds as they float by. What do the shapes of the clouds remind you of?
  • plant a seed
  • have a bubble gum blowing contest with your children
  • play with a pet

I encourage you to have a list of your favorite soul-smile moments. Write your list on sticky notes. Put this list on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, kitchen cupboard, computer screen or any place where you will see them often.

Use your soul-smile moments whenever you feel a sense of overwhelm beginning, so you can return to sharing your passion and gifts with those who need them.

In Health and Harmony,