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Most people believe that when you listen to a sound or a piece of music, you listen with your ears. The truth is, you listen with your entire being! Music inspires you to move your feet and results in movement in every particle of your being.

Every sound you experience affects your entire being: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. We call this “Listening from the Inside Out”.

Entrainment of heart, lungs, and mindYour body listens with a change in heartbeat, breathing or brainwave state. Your body also listens by being relaxed or tense. Or the sound or music will create a sensation in a part of your body, like a knot in your stomach or a headache.

Your emotions listen with calm, uneasy, content, irritated, anxious, happy, sad or with a myriad of other emotional states.

Your mind listens by becoming quiet, clear or focused. Or the ‘90 mile an hour’ busy mind responds with distracted, scattered and captured by constant internal chatter.

Your spirit listens by responding with joy, peace, bliss, love, gratitude, happiness or compassion.

You are deeply and intimately wired to respond to sound – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Listening with your Feet

A piece of music with an infectious beat affects the movement centres of your brain in the cerebral cortex and particularly in the cerebellum. It is the cerebellum responding when you just can’t help tapping your toe or clapping your hands to a favourite song.

girl dancing with abandonWe need to move the body to keep it healthy. And one of the most fun ways to do this is to dance with abandon to your favourite song. This creates flow and energy in the body.

Or put on some lively music when you are out for a walk. Your walking pace will likely match the beat of the music. That’s part of your wiring too.

Another way to ‘shake your booty’ of emotional energy is to do just that. Put on the liveliest and fastest music you have in your collection and just shake. Don’t dance. Shake. This creates a movement in every molecule that also shakes up and out any old emotional energy. It is truly exhilarating!

Here is a short list of some of my favorite ‘dance to’ tunes:

  • Colin James and his Little Big Band
  • Jesse Cook
  • Judy Armstrong’s music for a slower flowing movement. Check out her tunes at
  • For shaking up emotional energy I use my Transmutation, Shed the Negative track or techno music, particularly a track called Kundalini (GMS – The Remixes)


  • Create a playlist of your favorite music that you love to dance to.
  • Dance! Move! Let it Out! Then take a look at how it changed the way you feel.