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Edgar Cayce stated decades ago that the future of medicine is sound. It has been interesting to notice the adoption of sound in several ways by the medical community. If you are a holistic practitioner, adding sound healing as a major complement to your practitioner business enhances results and will help grow your business.

Traditional medicine has adopted ultrasound to help see inside the body, lithotripsy to dissolve bladder and kidney stones, pain management using sound and more.

tuning fork exerciseHow can sound healing help you and your clients?

Sound is defined as vibrational energy. It’s one of the few energies that affects how matter itself vibrates.

You can use it to broaden and support your tools for finding out what is going on with your client at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • an effective tool to help you get to the deeper nature of what is causing a problem.
  • dissolve blocks, quickly, effectively and easily.
  • move your client into a relaxed and deep brainwave state quickly so you can work on the problem more effectively. Deep brainwave states give you access to the subconscious and unconscious mind where access to the problem and its healing is more effective
  • for those modalities that use guided imagery or verbal instruction, the addition of sound gives you quicker access to levels of conscious to support change and healing and supports the effectiveness of the words

The field of sound healing and sound therapy is exploding in many directions at once. And the tools being developed and studied are flexible and adaptable taking many forms from using recorded music, sound tools, distant healing, the voice, the world of technology with voice analysis and delivery of specific frequencies to the body and so much more.

There is evidence that the human family had music before we could speak to each other with words. It is our first healer.

It is exciting to see sound as a healer return in so many beautiful ways.

About Sharon Carne:

Sharon Carne, BMus, M.F.A.Sharon Carne, BMus, M.F.A. is an author, speaker, musician, recording artist, sound healer, Reiki master and consultant. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, whose programs are at the forefront of education in how sound and music can be easily applied to your everyday life – to reduce stress, help you concentrate, energize you, inspire you, support your health and so much more.