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Are You Feeling Disconnected?

Coming unpluggedA few years ago, I was working with a lovely young woman who had come to me for a sound healing session.

As many of you know, I am a physical empath and I use this gift when I am working with people.

We began with getting centered and becoming calm and I started to tune in to her energy.

What I sensed shocked me to my core!

Her aura (or biofield) was hanging limply to one side of her physical body.

You wouldn’t believe how much this concerned me!! It takes ‘out of alignment’ to a whole new level!

What was worse is that she wasn’t the only one! I continue to see people in my physical and online healing space whose biofields are ‘out of alignment.’  

Every one of these people described feeling very disconnected from themselves and others.

For good reason! They were PHYSICALLY disconnected from the main source of their life force energy!

The Biofield

Energy FieldYour biofield and your chakras are as much a part of you as your foot or your arm.

Think of radio waves. You can’t hear them or see them, until you turn on your radio. Then you know that they are there.

The energetic system of the human is like this. We may not be able to see it, but we can develop the ability to sense it or feel it. It can no longer be denied that it is there. Science has measured too much of it to deny its existence.

Yes, we can ignore it. However, that is a great disservice to understanding your wholeness as a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being.”

Knowledge of the human energy field is not new. Ancient cultures around the planet had intimate knowledge of the human energy field, Many of these cultures devised a variety of ways to identify and describe some of the aspects of this part of the human being.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient sages in India described the chakra system along with numerous ways to support the health of this system. This ancient support is popular today in the form of yoga as a way of supporting overall wellbeing.

In China, the ancient sages, measured and recorded the meridian systems of the human being and the flow of chi, or life force energy, and its importance to overall health and well being. This system is also becoming familiar in the west as Acupuncture, Chi Gong and Tai Chi.

More recently, Dr. Valerie V. Hunt was a pioneer in the scientific study of the human energy field. Her website states:

“She was the first to develop the protocols and instrumentation necessary to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy fields with the spectral analysis of bioenergy patterns. She discovered the neuromuscular patterns of non-verbal communication and her groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness.”

In an article from 2013, Dr. Valerie Hunt’s discussed her views on the biofield or aura and sound:

“Everything that exists in space has an aura, but the human aura is peripatetic: it changes, it flies around, it colors, it becomes quite stationary and rigid at times and it is the most dynamic of all, more than animals or plants because we have capacities that come from higher organization: it is living, changing and growing because we have a soul. Sound and music nourish the field…All the music you hear must first go through the electromagnetic field of the aura where it becomes colored by how that aura is charged. Everything you hear has to come through the field before it gets to the ear or to the skin, before it can become sensory information. So you are already altered by everything that is on the outside, whether you pay constant attention to it or not. The perception and sensation coming from the outside is then filtered through the energy field, which is emotionally organized and will determine what goes inside via the nerves.”

Healing the Biofield

In the article mentioned previously, Dr. Valerie Hunt also talked about what organizes the biofield.

“The human energy field is organized around emotions. When emotions become disturbed and distorted the energy field suffers, it becomes anticoherent, flighty.”

If we allow our emotions to fly about willy nilly, so will our energy field!

So what can we do to support the health and wellbeing of the biofield and ultimately our whole being.

Here are a few tips.

Please note that these tips are just a start. They are not a comprehensive solution. They are not ‘instant’ solutions. They are a powerful beginning to overall health and wellbeing.

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is essential. Expand your awareness of how your emotional state translates to your field. When you are frustrated or angry, tune in to the energy just outside your skin or notice how the people around you are responding to you. When you are happy and calm, tune in to the energy just outside your skin or notice how the people around you are responding to you. Also, notice how you respond to others around you who are frustrated or calm. Expand your awareness!

2. Develop perceptual intelligence.

Our understanding from Dr. Valerie Hunt is that our perception is coloured by the flowing and dynamic energy of the biofield and especially the emotional energy that is organizing it.
Ask yourself – Are you the kind of person who tends to worry a lot? Or are you usually pretty calm? This will tell you how anticoherent or coherent your biofield is.

“Perceptual Intelligence is the knowledge and understanding that everything we experience (especially thoughts and feelings) are defined by our perception. It’s important to realize that this is an active, not passive, process and therefore we have the ability to control it or change it.” (from “Perceptual Intellegence” by Marisa Broughton, Ayrmetes, Advanced Cognitive Technologies website.

3. Emotional Management

Emotional Management is the use of more specific tools or techniques to shift your emotional state to create a more desirable outcome. There are several available to you and many of these tools and techniques complement each other beautifully.

Among them are:

Emotional Intelligence

Wikipedia describes Emotional Intelligence as  “the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).”
Emotional intelligence is an effective way to expand your awareness and understanding of your own emotional behavior and of those around you.

Use sound

Sound is a physical energy that pushes against your atoms as it travels through you. As Dr. Hunt states above “Sound and music nourish the field.” There are many ways to use sound to create coherence in the biofield.

Some of them are:

  • Music that you find deeply relaxing and peaceful.
  • Nature sounds.
  • Certain sound tools like tuning forks, Tibetan or crystal singing bowls and others will shift the frequencies of the body, nervous system and biofield to resonate to more coherent frequencies.
  • Your own voice is a powerful way to shift the frequencies of your body, nervous system and biofield to resonate more coherently

Our Fundamentals of Working with Sound and Music program give you knowledge and experience in healing music, perceptual intelligence, sound tools and your own voice to create peace and coherence.

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4. Seek expert support

Find qualified experts who can support your goals in being whole and healthy.

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