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(These are excerpts from Sharon’s upcoming book, “Please Pass the Calm.”)

Every once in a while an experience comes along that touches your soul.

It happened when my mother was in the hospital suffering from late stage cancer in what turned out to be her last week before her transition to spirit.

My family was in an uproar. I was beyond stressed and trying to figure out how I could drop everything and figure out child care so I could go and be with her.

One evening while I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, my mind was completely overtaken by the critical and fearful voice. I remember my mind yelling out to the universe the question,

“Why do we have to feel so much fear?”

In a microsecond, an answer appeared so clearly that it drowned out the fearful diatribe. I stood there in shock.

The first thing I remember thinking was, “Thank you, for being right there on my shoulder.”

I have no idea how those words found their way into my mind past all the chaos in there. I knew the words weren’t mine because it really wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

The answer was, “To learn not to be afraid.”

I was completely stunned.

How do I learn not to be afraid? How do you transform Fear into Trust or Love?

Then, I remembered the voice with the quiet answer. And it gave me great courage.

For me, it was confirmation of the reality of spirit and the mystical. In our experience of everyday life, a kick from the crown chakra is usually meant to wake you up and connect you with meaning and purpose.

How many people do you know whose lives have changed immensely from having to deal with cancer, a heart attack, divorce, or some other kind of trauma? A big, or little, dose of trauma can be the trigger for us to either go deeper into misery or connect with our purpose for being here and our reason for living.

Several years ago, my youngest sister was given a diagnosis of terminal cancer. She was given three to five years to live.

Well, I jumped on to that hamster wheel of fearful thoughts in a big way at first! I was really angry that this had happened to her. Eventually, I realized that the hamster wheel was really all about me and had nothing to do with her or what she was going through.

I could not change this situation, but I finally realized that I did have a choice. She needed a lot of help. So I made a CHOICE to just be with her – from moment to moment. 

Some of those moments were excruciatingly hard and some were ecstatically joyful. She passed away a few years ago and I am grateful for every one of those moments I had with her.

Those years were also magnificent opportunities to feel stuck and to remember that I had a choice.