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Rogers PassThis article was first published on the Sound Wellness blog in December, 2013. The words for this blog appeared on our drive home from Vancouver to Calgary after the birth of our first granddaughter.

The mountains were covered in a blanket of snow  and glorious in their silent beauty.

I was reminded of this article after we made the same drive this October after meeting our 4 week old grandson.

The images are from our drive through the mountains in December, 2013.

Being in a gorgeous winter landscape like this is like being inside silence itself.

The birds are quiet, the mountains are sleeping and the trees stand as sentinels of silence.

And the silence, for me, leads to contemplation.

Have you ever noticed that when nature gives you a gift of silence, your mind always has a hidden agenda?

The busy mind just can’t handle silence!

So I gave my mind a couple of questions to ponder – a quest, you might say –  “What is under the silence?” and “What is waiting to be heard?”

What my mind delivered to me were two categories of experience.

One was a deep appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding natural beauty that surrounded us on this journey through Roger’s Pass. And the quiet, contemplative space this created in me.

The other category consisted of all kinds of emotional ‘stuff’ that came to my awareness.

Emotions have frequencies. Every emotion has a SOUND!

This have been researched and documented by Manfred Clynes. He calls these sounds of emotions, Sentic Forms.

Most of have a SYMPHONY of emotions BLARING at us constantly! This symphony is RARELY harmonious!

Rogers PassIt’s called BEING HUMAN!

I also noticed that as I continued to admire the incredible landscape around me, that my feelings of awe and appreciation were DROWNING OUT the frequencies of the noisy symphony!

And I was left in a calm, harmonious state.

Here’s some really good news!

You don’t have to drive through a snowy Roger’s Pass to create a harmonious state.

Gratitude is the LOUDEST emotional frequency!

It DROWNS OUT the ongoing noisy symphony!

Every time!

You can shift your state to harmony in seconds!!

Just think of something you are grateful for – a loved one – a flower – a Christmas cookie – a beautiful sunset – a tree… The list is endless!

Then focus on your heart and really FEEL that gratitude.

And the cool thing?

You can create harmony – any time – anywhere.


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