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(This blog is excerpted from my book, Listen from the Inside Out, 2nd Edition, due to be released later this spring.)

February’s blogs focused on the biofield. There was information on new emerging science about the biofield and how to begin to get acquainted with your biofield.

Human energy fiels and the chakrasThis month, we are moving closer into the body and how this biofield connects with and communicates with your body.

The spinning vortexes of the chakras gather information from your biofield and your environment. They funnel information and life force energy into your body through these vortexes.

Your body also releases energy and information through the spinning vortexes of the chakras, especially emotional energy. Your heart chakra, in particular, broadcasts your emotional state into your biofield and into your environment.

The scientists at the Institute of HeartMath have shown in several studies how this happens and how accurately emotional energy is picked up by other people or even animals in the immediate environment.

One of the first things I do, especially when a physical issue comes to my attention, is to gather more information.

Information about what is going on physically is important, of course, but it is not where I go to get to the SOURCE of what is going on physically. In order to find the source, I gather information about the emotional and/or spiritual contribution to the illness.

In working with many clients over the years, I have found that finding an emotional or spiritual issue can assist the healing of the body in profound ways. Many of these emotional and spiritual issues show up in the chakras in a variety of ways.

Your chakras are connected directly with your physical body through the endocrine system or glands. And your glands control your immune system and your overall health and wellbeing.

Every emotion you have is accompanied with a release of endorphins or neurochemicals that instantly travel throughout the entire body affecting you at a cellular level.

Some of these endorphins create health and some of them create illness. The determining factor is your emotions.

When I am faced with a health issue or problem in my life, this is where I go to find out what is going on at the deeper levels. When I get a clearer picture of a particular health issue from the psychological, emotional and spiritual areas, then I can heal a physical issue more from a place of wholeness than just taking medicine to eliminate symptoms.

To me, the medicine can be helpful, but is not the whole picture. What I look for is the underlying emotional and or spiritual causes of the disease or condition.

Knowing about the emotional and spiritual aspects of the chakras is extremely helpful in forming your intention when you create sound for healing yourself or others.

Healing and curing is not the same thing. Cure is defined as recovery from a disease. Heal is defined as wholeness.

Curing deals more with the elimination of symptoms. Healing deals more with wholeness that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities.

What I have found for myself is that healing and curing can inform and help each other. Here is an example.

Several years ago, I ended up in Emergency at our local hospital with a sky-high fever and a developing case of pneumonia. The nurse in triage looked at my temperature and immediately got an IV started. I never thought an IV would feel so good. After the tests and diagnosis, I was sent home with an antibiotic.

As the medicine worked, I worked  on  emotional,  mental  and spiritual issues, which I felt were contributing. One of the emotions the lungs hold on to is grief. And I was holding on to unresolved grief from my mother’s passing a few years before this health issue.

Using my bowls, toning and a few other tools, along with the antibiotic, all symptoms were gone in four days.

And I had some new clarity on some issues within me that had been festering for a while, contributing nicely to the weakness that set the stage for the pneumonia to take hold. That really got my attention! I ended up being grateful for the whole experience.

Knowing about the chakras and some of their relationships to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health was helpful to me to be able to recreate health after my adventure with pneumonia.

I welcome you to join me this month on the Sound Wellness blog as we delve into the emotional life of your chakras.