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This is the fourth blog in a series of four blogs addressing how to create more calm in our lives.

The Heart of Calm

Human beings are the most brilliantly complex beings on this planet. Our journey through life is a meandering path encompassing deep misery to chaotic mess, to blissful joy, sometimes all in one day.

Yet do you feel sometimes that something is missing? Does your heart feel captured by emptiness? Do you even give yourself time and space to check in with your heart? Do you find yourself immersed in so much busy-ness that it feels like there is no meaning to life?

2 swans making a perfect heartHow do we breathe inspired, creative, purpose, passion and well-being into our lives?

The first tender step is to breathe calm into your heart. From this calm place you reconnect with the power of your heart and the deep peace that resides there.

In the blog, The Biology of Calm, (read here) we explored the dance between stress and calm within the autonomic nervous system. The release of hormones to either state determines the physical response in the body.  Sound, as food for the nervous system, can stimulate a release of hormones that supports calm and wellbeing.

In the blog, The Mindset of Calm, (read here) the role of mindset and perception was explored in creating calm and wellbeing.

In the blog, How to Create a Tsunami of Calm, (read here) we explored unique ways that sound and music help us manage emotions and deal with stuck emotional energy.

roadmap on an iPadIn this blog, dive deep into the permanent calm that resides in your own heart.

Sound Wellness offers a unique roadmap to calm. Every particle of your being is wired to respond to sound and music. This natural wiring, once you get to know it, is a spectacular guide.

Pour a cup of tea and let’s journey together into calm and deep peace. It’s time to let your soul sing!

Spiritual wellbeing is where you access peace, bliss, love, compassion, joy and all of the highest qualities of what it means to be human.

We can never lose these qualities. They are a permanent part of your being!!

But we can lose touch with these crucial parts of ourselves – especially if we get too caught up in the busyness of life.

So, what to do? Spiritual selfcare connects you with your values, beliefs and purpose.
Here are a few tips on how to reconnect.

1. Meditation

Sound is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect to your spiritual self. Your spirit or soul thrives on harmony and always motivates you in one way or another – through illness or angst – to return to this state of harmony.

Experience the power of your voice in an active guided meditation to create this state of harmony. Dive into relaxation, calm and stimulate the natural healing ability of your body. Chakras are information gathering systems connecting your biofield with your endocrine system (or glands), directly affecting your immune system. Join Sharon in her weekly Facebook Live broadcasts every Sunday evening at 9pm MDT for the Sound Wellness Chakra Toning Circle.

Here is a link to a recent Sound Wellness Chakra Toning Circle where our theme is Grace:

2. Mindfulness

Take a few deep breaths and reconnect with the present moment. Your spiritual self thrives when you are living your life in the moment. Here you access presence, authenticity and compassion. And so much more. Mindfulness is a practice that helps you to stay in the present moment.

3. Time for Joy

I encourage you to search out ways to connect with your spiritual self that have meaning for you. This is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. When you create moments during your day to create connection with your spiritual essence, you reduce or dissolve symptoms of stress.

How do you know when you are connected to your soul or spiritual essence? Whenever you feel deep peace, joy, wonder, bliss, calm, love (for no particular reason), happiness (for no particular reason).

Here are some of my favorite, less than a minute, Harmony Moments:

  1. stopping to smell a flowerTake a deep, slow breath; take several deep, slow breaths.
  2. Hum a favorite tune.
  3. If you have one, tap a Tibetan singing bowl. One of the things the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl does is to reset the body to its natural state of harmony.
  4. Gaze at the stars.
  5. Sing ahhhhh for a few moments, while focusing my awareness on what I’m grateful for.
  6. Smell a flower.
  7. Stand in the grass with bare feet.

I encourage you to have a list of your favorite harmony moments, written or in your mind. Use them whenever you feel a sense of overwhelm beginning, so you can return to sharing your passion and gifts with those who need them.

If you are curious about other ways to connect with that beautiful essence of yours, here are some favorite resources at Sound Wellness:

  1. Self-Care is essential!
    • Download our Self Care Guide, free e-book
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    • Check out our 2-hour video program, “Tools for Emotional Health and Resilience”
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    • Check out our introduction to Sound in the Sound Wellness Foundation video program
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    • Immerse yourself in the ultimate in self-care, our Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music 3-day program, Apr 9-11, or July 16-18, 2021. We will be live-streaming this course, and offering the July program in-person if permitted.
    • Click to learn more.

    In Health and Harmony,