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January always carries an overall theme of reflection for me. As I reflected on what to share with you in my blog this week, I looked over the blogs I had written for 2020.

I had no idea that what I wrote in January and February of 2020 would be so prophetic. At the beginning of March, before the world shut down, I wrote, “What’s the Matter is What Matters,” digging in to a different perspective grounded in heart-based lens rather than fear-based lens.

Fear gives us choice and opportunity. If you stare it in the face long enough, you will see the soul question(s) begging for consideration.

We are evolving and birthing a new way of being human through enormous pain and chaos.

And we’re not done yet.  Here are a few 2020 nuggets for you. Throughout 2021, may you be blessed with songs of strength, resilience, joy, happiness and compassion in your heart.

From January, 2020

Da Vinci Vitruve Luc Viatour“We are evolving and transforming what it means to be human, my friend. And there can be growing pains. You are expanding your awareness and dipping your toes into your infinite capacity.

Sometimes your buttons get pushed. Develop a curiosity about the buttons. Stare them in the face and demand to know their purpose. You are ready for the answers.

If you feel the walls of your cocoon squeezing you, push back. On one of those pushes, you will open a door in the wall and emerge sprinkling joy everywhere you go.”

From February, 2020

“Creating meaning in your life creates wholeness in your heart. When you create wholeness in your heart, you create wholeness in your entire being. And when you create wholeness in your entire being, you bring wholeness to our planet. One heart at a time is how we heal a fractured world.”

From March, 2020

“As you become clearer on what matters to you, then you become the solution the world needs. Every one of us is a solution to the chaos around us. Part of being the solution you need to know what matters to you.

Here are a few questions to stimulate your contemplation of what matters most to you:

  • How much do your relationships matter to you? We express the innermost regions of our hearts with those who are closest to us.
  • Do you express kindness during your day?
  • What gives your work meaning?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What do you do for self-care?
  • What are your three most important core values?
  • How do you support your spiritual wellbeing?

These questions are a few to get you started in creating more clarity in what matters to you. It is important to know this as chaos increases in our outer world. What matters to you will give you stability, strength and calm no matter what is going on.”

From April, 2020

the connections of the brain“It is important for you to know that your feelings are translated into neurochemicals by your brain and nervous system that flood every cell of your body with stress or well-being. In other words, mind and emotion becomes matter.

We spend our days swimming in this neurochemical soup.

It doesn’t matter if this neurochemical response is stimulated by someone else’s tirade, or your own tirade of complaints. It can feel like a runaway train, especially if tinged with resentment. Stopping a runaway train in your own mind takes the power of the heart.”

Grace is defined as “simple elegance.” In times of great chaos, grace has a powerful impact. Grace is one of those things that can certainly appear spontaneously. However, when you create fertile soil, seeds of grace will bring you much comfort, strength and sustenance.
How do we create this soil for grace when the whole world is in turmoil?

It is the nutrients in fertile soil that nourish seeds into healthy growth. In times of great challenge it is important to gather many ways to nourish yourself.”

From May, 2020

“We are certainly evolving – but we are still in the stage of Caterpillar Goo. Even as we swim around in the Goo, one thing that fascinates me endlessly is the imaginal discs.

swallowtail butterfly emerging from a cocoonThese imaginal discs of our human transformation are the seeds of the new structures, expanded capacity and potential that we are growing in to.

Like the caterpillar, the imaginal discs have always been present. They are not yet expressed. And, like DNA, all of the information is already here.

So, I’m curious. As an imaginal disc swimming around in our human transformational goo – what is the gift that your imaginal disc brings to the whole? Are you as curious as I am? I hope so!”

From June, 2020

“In 2015, Ed and I ended an eight-year journey of end of life care, first for his mom, then his dad, then my sister. One right after the other.

Mom and Dad in a boat on Waterton LakeWith each of them there was contemplation and conversation around these questions:

  • What have I done with my life that gives it meaning?
  • What did I do that made a contribution to others?
  • Did I do enough? (This question came from Ed’s Dad who had a deep belief that he was not enough. And he carried this to his last day.)

I could go on with more questions, but I think you get the line of thought.

I believe that every single one of us has deep intrinsic value. Just for being a human being.
Yet part of what makes us feel valuable is to provide a valuable service to others. And so we ask these questions of ourselves at the end of our journey here. Especially – What did I do that made a contribution to others? And the circle of life flows…”

From July, 2020:

“The global response to the pandemic has connected us to the global perspective in a way nothing ever has before.

Some of our old societal and belief patterns are being plucked out of us like noxious weeds from the garden. We are seeing things from our collective shadow that we no longer wish to tolerate. These are reflections of tribal connectedness evolving from national connectedness to human connectedness on a global scale. We are witnessing a birth of a new way of being human.”

From August, 2020

Mom and baby smiling“How do you make your soul smile?

When was the last time you felt joy? or deep peace? or happiness for no particular reason? or Bliss or Gratitude, just because? When did you last sing or dance? Prolonged stress robs you of vitality, health, well-being, happiness, joy, fun and so much more …

So SMILE at yourself for those moments when symptoms of stress become stronger than happiness. Forgive your forgetfulness and reach for something that makes your soul smile.”

From September, 2020

“We THRIVE on harmony – even if it is just moments of harmony in a full day. Your soul needs this! When your soul is fed with harmony – your whole being responds with health and wellbeing!”

From October, 2020

“How do you touch your soul? How does your soul touch you?

Spiritual wellbeing is where you access peace, bliss, love, compassion, joy and all of the highest qualities of what it means to be human. Spiritual wellness is that place of peace and purpose within that gives you the grace to handle whatever challenges and joys life brings your way.

You can never lose these qualities. They are a permanent part of your being! So – Are we there yet?

Through the soul’s eyes you never left.”

From November, 2020

“You are evolving and transforming what it means to be human. And there can be growing pains. You are expanding your awareness and dipping your toes into your infinite capacity.

If you feel the walls of your buttons squeezing you, push back. Ask the questions. Demand honest answers from the wisdom within you.”

From December, 2020

“These unprecedented times also offer us a great opportunity.

As we find ways to be present to the calm and inner peace within, we open our hearts to resilience and compassion. Compassion grounded in inner peace will transform our world.

happy music - playing a guitarIn reality, you were created as a whole being and will always be whole. We create a disconnection with reality when we PERCEIVE ourselves as fractured, or less than whole.

Sound and music, since time immemorial, are activities that remind us of our wholeness. The natural healing ability of your being is stimulated by reminders of your wholeness.

When you create wholeness within your being, you amplify the wholeness of our planet.”

In Health and Harmony,