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This month’s theme at Sound Wellness is MEANING. The Heart and Stroke Foundation declared February as Heart month many years ago. We celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

heartAnd we bring more awareness to what feeds the heart.

I invite you to spend a moment in contemplation and ask yourself the question, “What feeds my heart?”

As you ask this question, consider these aspects of yourself: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Physical Heart

Your physical heart is the center of your physical universe. Your heart sends nourishment and life force energy to every cell in your body 24/7. As soon as the heart stops beating, life stops.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has wonderful guidance on what feeds your physical heart. Here is a link where you can explore:

It is interesting to note that Managing Your Stress is an important part of maintaining heart health. Stress is an enormous contributor to heart disease.

The Brain in Your Heart

the balance of brain abd heartDid you know that your heart sends more information to your brain than your brain sends to your heart? This is one of the findings from scientists in the field of neurocardiology.

At last count, your heart contains at least 40,000 neurons. It has its own brain. And your heart is in constant and intimate contact with your brain and nervous system.

The Emotional Heart

Emotions actually work faster than thought! The amygdala, a core element in your emotional brain, is in constant contact with the information streaming from your heart to your brain.

The amygdala can shut down your thinking brain before any information even gets to the thinking brain. Fear and worry does this. These feelings keep you locked in emotional reaction and shut off from the pre-frontal cortex, your thinking brain.

This emotional reaction fractures our wholeness and keeps us fractured as long as we stay captured by fear and worry.

The only thing that can over-ride this hijack of the thinking brain is your heart. Your heart needs to send information to the amygdala that will change the reaction.

Feelings like gratitude and compassion, created consciously, will over-ride the hijack.

The Spiritual Heart

For millennia, many of the world’s greatest thinkers and philosophers have thought that the soul resides in the heart.

What feeds the spiritual heart is meaning. When you feed the spiritual heart, you feed all other dimensions of your heart.

What gives you meaning? How do you create meaning in your life?

These could be the most important questions you can ever ask your heart.

Creating meaning in your life creates wholeness in your heart. When you create wholeness in your heart, you create wholeness in your entire being. And when you create wholeness in your entire being, you bring wholeness to our planet.

In reality, you were created as a whole being and will always be whole. We create a dis-connect with reality when we PERCEIVE ourselves as fractured, or less than whole.

When you create wholeness within your being, you amplify the wholeness of our planet.

One heart at a time is how we heal a fractured world.

Sound and music, since time immemorial, are activities that remind us of our wholeness. The natural healing ability of your being is stimulated by reminders of your wholeness.

Another art form that reminds us of our wholeness is art. Both art and music PREDATE our use of language.

To celebrate this remembrance of wholeness, I invite you to join in on a conversation in a special Facebook Live broadcast on the Sound Wellness Facebook page with the two brilliant artists and sculptors of Incipio Modo.

Date: Sunday, February 2, 2020
Time: 11:00 am MST

If you miss the live broadcast, the video will be saved under the Video menu on the Sound Wellness Facebook page.