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The fields of sound healing and sound therapy are exploding right now with research, products, tools and training. There are numerous modalities even within sound healing and sound therapy and this list is growing. There are many great tools a holistic practitioner can choose an atom in vibrationfrom to complement your holistic practice.

Why is sound so powerful? Because sound works at the basic foundation of matter itself – as vibrational energy.

Sound is an energy that, combined with your intention, can CHANGE HOW MATTER ITSELF VIBRATES. And is a natural complement to so many other modalities.

The right choice of sound can effortlessly:

  1. create relaxation 
  2. reduce or eliminate pain
  3. boost your immune system
  4. diminish depression
  5. dissolve emotional blocks
  6. stimulate the natural healing ability of your body
  7. accelerate growth in consciousness
  8. give you peace
  9. and so much more…

Some of the ways that Sound Wellness can support your practice are:

  1. knowing how to choose effective music for your waiting room & sessions
  2. how to use a Tibetan singing bowl in a massage session
  3. how to integrate sound with other energy modalities, like Reiki, Healing Touch, Angel modalities, and many more
  4. how to use sound for Pain reduction
  5. how to powerfully assist a client with Emotional healing
  6. how to Stimulate and stabilize the nitric oxide cycle, an essential cycle for health.

Modalities within the Field of Sound work

The methods and techniques for Sound Wellness can be classified into three main categories: Recorded Music, Sound Tools and The Voice.

Recorded Music

Sales rack of CDsRecorded music intended for healing can incorporate up to one to four main elements to create a healing response.

  1. entrainment of the heartbeat to the rhythm of the music
  2. the use of resonance, like low sounds to help discharge excess nervous energy, high sounds to charge the nervous system or certain instruments to elicit a desired response
  3. sonic neurotechnology like brainwave entrainment to affect the brainwave state and stimulate specific states of consciousness
  4. intention, that is, the purpose for which the recording was created.

If you use music in the background to help your clients relax into their treatment, knowing how these elements work is only the beginning of choosing music for clients. Because everyone responds uniquely to sound and music, it really helps to have a wide variety of music from which to choose for your clients and to accompany any different modalities you use.

Sound Tools

several sound tools including a drum, tuning forks and a Tibetan  bowlThere are many different types of sound tools that create the same benefits as recorded music. They just do it differently.

Examples of sound tools are drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, rainsticks, water fountains, didgeridoo and many more. These tools offer many benefits.

Here are two of them:

Tuning forks, particularly the Perfect 5th set (256 Hz and 384 Hz) and the Otto forks have been found to stimulate the natural nitric oxide cycle in the cells in less than 30 seconds. The nitric oxide cycle in the body is one of the essential natural cycles at the cellular level to maintain and sustain health and wellness.

Other sound tools that are a beneficial addition to other modalities are singing Tibetan bowls and singing crystal bowls. They are excellent at helping to dissolve emotional blocks, quieting the mind and stimulating the natural healing response of the body.

Your own Voice

girl singingYour voice carries every frequency of your body. Your voice resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make. You have it with you all the time and it costs you nothing to use. And the best part – it creates an instant response in the body, mind, emotions and spiritual connection.

All of the natural sounds of the body, like ahhh, oooo, haaa, moans and groans, actually stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals and endorphins that help the body heal itself or manage pain.

Your voice can also be used to

  1. reduce pain significantly
  2. heal injury
  3. balance your chakras
  4. bring your entire being into harmony
  5. heal others
  6. connect you to your deepest inspiration
  7. energetically clear your environment and so much more.

Your voice, connected with your thought and intention is powerful beyond measure. And is a masterful complement to so many holistic modalities.

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