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Imagine you are a table with four legs. The legs of the table support the table top.

Table with just 3 legsWhat would happen if this table is missing one leg? Would it be very supportive? A table will balance on three legs, but it doesn’t take much for it to topple over.

3 legged table on its sideWhat if it is missing two or three legs? It will definitely topple over! The table will only support things if it has all four legs.

The same is true for you. The table legs are a metaphor.

Think of one leg of the table as your physical energy. This leg represents your strength, stamina and overall physical health. If your physical energy is not flowing effectively and strong, you will not be as capable of supporting yourself or others.

Another leg of the table represents your mental energy. This leg represents your ability to focus, respond with mental clarity, to think straight and your mental stamina.

The next table leg represents your emotional energy. This leg can easily be knocked over by the Drama Queen or Drama King. When your emotions get ‘thrown for a loop,’ returning to a calm, peaceful and balanced response to whatever life has sent your way will strengthen this leg.

The last table leg represents your spiritual energy. We have spiritual moments every day – when you sniff a flower, admire a beautiful sunset, receive a friendly smile from a stranger, give a friendly smile to a stranger, look deeply into someone’s eyes and so many more. Spiritual moments are blessed with love, compassion, joy, peace, gratitude and happiness. The Spiritual leg of your table is strengthened by you being in the present moment.

The metaphor of the table explains what I mean by ENERGY. In short, your energy is your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual power or potency. Your overall VITALITY!

SELF CARE ACTION STEP:  Set aside a few moments this week to contemplate your own energy table. Notice each leg of your table and where it feels wobbly or strong. Journal about any insights you receive.

p.s. Watch for next week’s post where we explore more ways to increase the Ahhh… in your life.


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