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Flying solo means doing everything yourself. Especially for a holistic practitioner.

Flying solo is taking care of the kids, operating your business, leading in your community, trying to maintain a relationship, taking care of aging parents,

….to FINALLY trying to find a small moment somewhere in your overloaded schedule to take care of yourself. 

There are two components to Flying Solo.

  1. One Person At a Time.
  2. Reiki practitioner working with a clientThe first component has to do with the reality of being a healer or holistic practitioner. You are usually working with one person at a time.

    Massage therapists, Body workers, Energy workers, Reflexologists, Counsellors and coaches only focus on one person at a time.

    That is the nature of the profession and what makes you great. But also keeps you, for the most part, all by yourself.

    What’s worse?

    If you’re a practitioner, you’re very likely a small business owner as well… which means you either have no staff or a very small number of staff.

    So you also end up managing the accounting, your website, email and so on.

    Again, the nature of your work is that you will have very little interaction with other people.

    When I was teaching on campus, at the Conservatory at Mount Royal University, I had a tiny studio that barely fit me, my student and a parent.

    The only time I saw anyone else was when I bumped into other teachers in the hallway on the way to the bathroom.

  3. Energy Drain
  4. Now let’s a look at the second component of what FLYING SOLO means.

    On one hand, holistic practitioners have this great intrinsic motivation, and huge heart for healing and taking care of people.

    And we all know the world needs more of this, especially right now. But….

    So many practitioners are ‘givers.’ A source of strength for others.

    But what happens, when you don’t feel strong. What happens when your resources start to deplete.

    What happens when you are juggling 3 balls… and all of sudden… someone throws in a 4th.

    What I see is, many healers either go into DENIAL about how low they are actually getting.

    OR… Some retreat, deeper into ISOLATION… thinking that will help them recharge.  But it usually doesn’t. Not for long, anyway. 

    Some try to add that FOURTH BALL hoping and praying that they manage them all.

    And all of this results in overwhelm, overwork, burnout, disillusionment, business stagnation, and if it continues for long… disease.

flying an airplane soloThis is FLYING SOLO.

Why is it sooo important to understand and correct what I call the Flying Solo Syndrome?

Managing the drain on your energy is a huge challenge.

Having many ways of replenishing your own energy and keeping it high is essential to offering the best service you can to others.

And this is a continuous process. Something you need to do all the time.

Unless you take advantage of the skills and help from others on a continuous basis – your body will shut down.

Believe me… I know what this is like. I’ve spent days in bed in the past, totally depleted. There are times when I really need some support – especially from another like minded healer or practitioner.

I also believe passionately that my gift is of essential importance to people who are struggling with the intensification of chaos going on right now. So is yours.

Human beings are social by nature. We have always existed in community and been supported by community.

We thrive in community. And, when you are flying solo, there is no community; and therefore no support.

All my life, I have had a deep commitment to community – if I couldn’t join a community that supported me and I could support – then I would create one.

Who do you turn to when you are struggling? Do you nurture these relationships?

Are you a member of a professional association? If you are, use their resources – that’s why they exist in the first place!

Rather than just being a name on a mailing list, become an active participant. Network with people at association meetings.

Do you connect with other practitioners?

A few years ago, I was invited as a guest speaker to a meeting of the Holistic Nurses Association in Calgary. The members of this group are all members of the Alberta Nurses’ Association.

However, they are all practitioners of Healing Touch and other modalities and wanted to find a way to support each other in a professional way. So they created their own association under the umbrella of the Alberta Nurses’ Association.

They meet 3 or 4 times a year at a member’s home and usually have a specific topic to discuss at meetings or invite a guest speaker. The meeting is then wrapped up with a pot-luck and social time.

What a great way to support each other professionally and to make friends with other practitioners.

One of my intentions is to meet another practitioner for lunch at least once a month. It is one of the best – and most fun – intentions I ever made for myself.

There are so many benefits to working together to support each other.