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‘Soundography?’ Well, actually, I’m not sure it’s even a real word. But it really fits with what I wanted to share with you this week about Ancient Sounds.

ShineFor example, a sound that is associated with the aboriginal people of Australia – the didjeridu. It is believed to be the oldest instrument on the planet. They say that if our beautiful earth had a voice, it would sound like the didjeridu. The ‘didj’ has a voice that is really low – like the growl of thunder. At the same time it’s sound is full, with many colours and overtones. A sound that can send you out to mingle with the planets or within, to plant your feet into the core of the earth.

The sounds of these ancient instruments sing to the cells of your body and to the far reaches of your soul.

Here’s another one that was one of the favorite sound tools of the First Nations people of North America – the rattle. The rattle is an amazing and earthy tool for altering your state of consciousness, for shaking things up a bit, for ceremony or for creating beautiful meditations. Representing the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, the rattle has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people all over the planet.

Tuning forks create rivers of sound through your body that stimulate the healthy function of your cells, calm your mind and soothe the spirit. Ancient Egyptians used tuning forks in ceremonies long, long ago. They are re-appearing in our time – and just in time. They can help us stay in tune amidst the great upheavals occurring these days.

SongPodAnd an ocean of rainbows! The SongPod! Music that sounds like it comes from the fairy kingdom or from the angels. High and filled with sparkle, these angelic chimes soothe the soul.

The Tibetan Bell and Dorje, used for eons in ceremony and ritual in the high mountains to summon the highest deities and to invite enlightenment.


And the Tingshas – beautiful little cymbals to frame the highest accomplishment of the mind – silent, clear and open mind.

And the heartbeat of the earth herself – the drum. An ancient voice that connects us with each other and our planet.

All of these sounds and instruments have ancient roots, except for the SongPod. Do they have any relevance to our world today? Absolutely!

Many of these ancient tools were used to strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal. We live in a time and culture where that ability is stressed to the max! Stress itself is a huge culprit here and the toll it takes on our health, relationships, productivity, happiness and ability to cope is huge.

I use my voice and other sound tools daily to bring harmony, calm, peace of mind and the ability to handle the stresses of the day as they appear. There are a lot of them in my toolbox and I don’t use all of them daily. But they are there for when I need them.

It’s tragic that so few people know the power and benefits of these sound tools. The ancient people of our planet certainly did. How wonderful that the voices of these powerful instruments are still with us today when we have a great need for ways to cope in our lives.


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