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Did you know that your voice resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make?

Your body is a magnificent resonator and amplifier for the sound of your own voice.

Try this:

  • Place your hands lightly on your throat and say ahhhh with a low sound. Feel the vibration.
  • Place your hands on your upper chest and say ahhhh with a low sound again. Feel the vibration in your ribs.

Your rib cage, throat, mouth, nasal cavities and skull all act as amplifiers for your voice. Your vocal cords are like electric guitar strings that don’t make any sound until you plug the guitar into the amplifier.

Your voice is one of the most powerful sound therapy tools you have. You always have it with you and it costs nothing to use.

Toning is the natural voice of the body. It comes from the body rather than the mind. We do it all the time, we just don’t call it toning.puppy

  • Ahhhh, (What a cute puppy!) – ahhhh is a heart sound.
  • Ahhhh, (That feels good!).
  • Ooooo, (How interesting!) – oooo is a second chakra sound.
  • Ooooo, (I like that!).
  • Uhh, (lifting a heavy box, root strength) uhh is a root chakra sound.

Ouch! is another. Can you imagine how much more stubbing your big toe would hurt if you didn’t say ouch? Many of us moan and groan when we hurt. Somehow it helps us to manage the pain better.

Actually, these natural sounds of the body stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals and endorphins that help the body heal itself.

“The purpose of all toning is to restore the vibratory pattern of the body to its perfect electro-magnetic field, so that it will function in harmony within itself.” (p 100, Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

Here is an exercise as easy as breathing that feeds your heart and entire body.

  1. Check in with how you are feeling right now. Don’t judge, just notice.
  2. Take a deep breath. Feel this inhale right to the bottom of your lungs.
  3. Release the breath with a big long, slow sigh.
  4. Do this 2 more times.
  5. This time, take another deep breath and say “ahhh” as you sigh a long, slow sigh. Like “ahhh, that feels good!” Ahhh is a heart sound.
  6. Do this 2 more times.
  7. Check in again. Do you notice any difference in how you feel?

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