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Every once in a while, an experience comes along that touches your soul. Well, for a stubborn person like me, sometimes the experience comes more like a kick in the crown chakra or soul. Crown chakra kicks remind you of being present in your life or what gives you meaning or purpose.

It happened during my Reiki training. I picked up a couple of books about chakras, which were recommended by our teacher. One of the books had several exercises and meditations to experience and practice the concepts explained in the book.

One of these meditations was focused on how to find your animal spirit guide. At the time, I had no idea such a thing existed. The meditation seemed quite simple and I was really curious. So, I decided to give it a try.

During the meditation I received clear images of talons, giant wings and a brown head. It was a golden eagle. What do you golden eagle sitting on a branchdo when you find out what your animal spirit guide is? I had no idea. So, I promptly forgot about it and went on with daily activities and ‘life.’

However, the eagle had other plans. About a month later, as I was just about asleep, I experienced one of those vivid visions or dreams that you never forget. I was looking at a tree. There were no leaves on it, as if it was winter. There was a huge golden eagle standing on one of the lower branches and it was shouting at me angrily. Believe me, you don’t want to make an eagle angry. They have a really nasty sound when they are angry.

golden eagle flyingSuddenly, it stopped shouting at me and flew off. As it flew over my head, it dropped an egg. I caught the egg, noticing that it was heavy like a rock and about the size of a real eagle’s egg. It was a beautiful turquoise colour, like a robin’s egg. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just held it to my heart chakra. Immediately it dissolved inside of me and I woke up thinking, “I have just become an eagle’s egg.”

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my journal and wrote down the whole vision, including the date. For me, this vision was a deep mystical experience – the crown chakra at work. The next morning, I searched the Internet to find out how long it takes for a golden eagle’s egg to hatch.

I found out that the average incubation time was 45 days. This was at the end of November.

So I waited and watched. Something was going to happen, I was sure of that. I wasn’t too sure that I really wanted to know because I felt that the eagle in the vision wasn’t too pleased with me.

Forty-seven days after the vision, I was walking our dog on one of the hills in our neighbourhood. There is a gorgeous view of much of the city from up there. As I was looking out towards the east from the top of the hill, I saw a huge bird flying towards me. A magpie flying near it was dwarfed by its size. As it flew towards me, I realized that it was a golden eagle – a real one.

This was not a vision. It flew right over my head and continued flying off to the west towards the mountains. I was stunned. Golden eagles migrate for the winter and don’t return until March or April. This was January.

For me, it was confirmation of the reality of spirit and the mystical. It was also a huge spiritual kick in the butt to get moving towards finding and living my true purpose.

In our experience of everyday life, a kick from the crown chakra is usually meant to wake you up and connect you with purpose.

This experience happened more than twenty years ago and my life is completely transformed. And I am reminded that miracles and synchronicities are always available when we are in the present moment.

Today, I still see lots of eagles and every time they cross my path it makes my soul smile.

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