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What would celebration be without music?

Can you imagine celebrating your birthday without someone singing “Happy Birthday?” It’s probably the most well known song on the planet!Carols at Christmas

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was no music in the ceremony? What about a graduation? Church service?

Would it still be Christmas without carols?

Is there a country in the world that has not chosen a song for its national anthem?

What would a football, soccer or hockey game be like without the “We will, we will Rock You!” chanting from the fans?

Human beings have been celebrating with song and music for as long as we have been on the planet.

Music and celebration just seem to go together, don’t they? Why is music so integral to celebration?

It bonds us together. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Over the past half-century, scientists have documented the release of the neuro hormone, oxytocin, when people play or sing music together. This is the bonding hormone.

It is why we feel so good when playing music with others. And it creates a wonderful sense of community.

A recent study from McGill University in Montreal found that the neuro hormone, dopamine, is released when we listen to our favorite music. Dopamine is the “feel good” hormone.

Dopamine affects movement, emotional response, your experience of pleasure and pain. It plays an essential role in our health and wellbeing.

Singing the National Anthem is a traditional part of the beginning of most sporting events. The anthem serves a deeper purpose. The music and singing bonds the fans together with the team and excites them emotionally.

The link below will take you to a video to give you a sense of the power of this. Steve Perry from Journey leads the crowd in a sing-a-long at the World Series Game 2 baseball playoff game in 2010. Tens of thousands of people singing together is a powerful and profound experience of bonding and community.

The next time you are at an event and a spontaneous singalong or dancealong begins, join in! Not only is it fun, it’s good for your health!

Shopping Serenade – Nutritious Sound at it’s Best!

Sound is a nutrient for the body, mind and spirit. It is food. Like any food, there are sounds that are like junk food and there are sounds that provide us with healthy nutrition.

An example of junk food sound is traffic noise. An example of nutritious sound is bird song or bubbling water from a stream.

The sound of your voice feeds your body by resonating its cells. One of the questions I pose when I speak before a group of people is, “What is the nature of the sounds that you make with your voice?”

Sound is vibrational energy and words carry vibrational energy especially when they are spoken aloud. Feel the difference in your body between saying the word fear and the word love.

Special vocal sounds used since ancient times carry with them huge fields of sacred energy that you bring into your space when you say them. Especially when you continue to say or chant them for a while. This is the most nutritious sound food for the body, mind and spirit.


Here is a chance for you to experience one of these sounds sung by 600 people. On October 30, 2010, the Philadelphia Opera Company organized an impromptu performance of the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel sung by 650 people in Macy’s Department Store. Can you imagine the shoppers’ surprise?

I have sung this piece several times in choruses and have listened even more times. Every time I listen to this piece it gives me the shivers.

Check in with your body, mind and emotions before you check out the link to listen and notice. Enjoy this amazing performance and check in again. Do you notice a difference?

It is one thing to experience the sacred field created by one person toning or chanting sacred sound. It is quite another to experience the field created by 650 people. Truly a choir of angels. Enjoy!

In Health and Harmony,



Sharon Carne is an author, speaker, musician, recording artist, sound healer, Reiki master and consultant. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness and the Sound Wellness Institute. Through the Sound Wellness Institute, holistic health practitioners receive the highest level of competency training in using sound and music to support their practice. Sound Wellness programs are at the forefront of education in how sound and music can be easily applied to your everyday life – to reduce stress, help you concentrate, energize you, inspire you and support your health.