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You need to understand that I don’t get colds. Well at least not a real cold.

sick with a coldWhen I do get a cold, it usually lasts about 4 hours. I get the usual stuffed up / sneezing / foggy brain that’s part of pretty much every cold, and then it’s gone.

The last time I got a real cold was just after my son’s wedding. Four years ago. He married an amazing woman, who just happens to be Muslim, so we were treated to a mostly traditional Muslim wedding. This one was just 4 days of celebrations. And we were so tired, and worn out from the preparations , and the event itself, that we were left ready to catch anything.

Such as it was this time. Sharon and I have been working very hard of late re-creating the entire Sound Wellness Self Paced Program. On video. As well as several new webinars – our latest is for practitioners – "Get off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster", and we’re now recording the webinars on video as well. And we’re still (re)building the website – cleaning up things we didn’t like, and making it ‘feel’ more like us. Not to mention all the every-day promotion / events / emails / and so on. Whew!

It started with Sharon – one of her students actually. Many of you know that Sharon passionately loves her guitar, and she loves teaching, so she sets aside one day a week for teaching. One of her students came back from a vacation with an airplane cold, which was happily passed on to Sharon. It seems her systems were just as depleted as mine, and once the cold caught hold, she tried to pass it on to me. We’ve been married a long time, so we share pretty much everything.

Well, I did catch it, it lasted the obligatory 4 hours, and it was gone. Or so I thought. A few days later, it came back with a vengance, and now, on the 5th day, I’m finally free of it.

So what’s my point?

having a long to-do listSometimes, we all get so busy, our schedules get so full, our "to-do" lists get so long, that we forget to look after ourselves. It’s easy to just push on, telling ourselves that it’s just a short term thing, and we’ll get through it. And once in the flow of things, it gets harder and harder to get back on track, and set aside time for our own self-care. And YES, it can happen to us too. And we know better!

An interesting study was done a number of years ago that found that workers who skipped coffee breaks so they could get more done, actually got less done. Not taking breaks reduced total productivity!

So consider this a gentle reminder. No matter how busy you get, no matter how chaotic your world becomes, take the time for yourself. Remember to pull out your tuning forks when that stress thing starts to build. Keep the right music on in the background to help maintain focus. Play your singing bowls for grounding and to dissolve all the ‘stuff’ that happens.

Sharon and I travel a great deal, and we almost always drive. We rarely fly. For one simple reason. When we drive, the time is totally ours. I find it very relaxing, and as one of our frequent destinations is Vancouver, the drive through the mountains – summer or winter – is hugely recharging!

I urge you to find your own ways for self care.

If you’d like to learn more about using the sound tools, consider ordering a copy of our guide "Ancient Healing meets Modern Science" – at just 99¢, it’s really a gift!

Or watch for one of our webinars – most of them are free. You’ll find information on dates in every newsletter.

And stay well!