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Today’s Toning Moment !

The Root Chakra

Today’s Intention

The root chakra is our direct connection to our beautiful earth and to our physical existence. Being present IN your physical body (not just in your mind) brings such richness to our lives. Use this sound to ground your energy into your body and revel in the richness in your life today.

A word about our toning moments.

Your voice is the most powerful healing tool you have. It resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make. This creates actual physical response in your body, emotional response, mental response (like more focus), and spiritual connection – your voice is the expression of your soul. The toning moments cycle through the sacred vowel sounds associated with the chakras. A moment of sacred sound, created by you, to enhance health, harmony and your brilliance- every day!


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For improved focus and concentration, for relaxation, and quiet peace.